Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 blog year in review

I went through my blog last night and I thought I could highlight some of the things that I shared with you guys in 2010! :)
{I think this is the first post I've done that there has been no pictures!}

* we celebrated the new year in St. Louis visiting family and then traveled in car halfway across the country to Tulsa, OK where we visited one of my very best friends. On January 31st, surprisingly we found out we were pregnant- we didn't tell anyone though until I went to the doctor! :)

* I decorated my house with all of my adorable valentines cupcake findings from my fav store, target. My car got broken into after having a flat tire and leaving it on the side of the road overnight. On February 28th, I announced I was pregnant to all of my blogging, twitter, & fb friends.

*the shopping begins for the little one when I went to the charleston repeats consignment sale, still not knowing if it's a boy of girl yet. We did the thorn for the 2nd year in a row. I laid out in the sun for the first time (my therapy). I confessed that I ate way too many cookies & being pregnant makes me more hungry than ever.

*Easter. My nephew Jack's 2nd birthday. We celebrated Bethany's pregnancy with baby Tate throwing her a baby shower in my apartment. Beth Moore conference- so long insecurity! I got my first big baby gear item as a present- my stroller!

*Found out that I was going to have a girl & announced her name will be Maggie Claire Surratt! My friends and I started our preggo mama lunches. My nephew Tate Cohen was born on May 23rd! Mike & I decided to go on a last minute cruise for our babymoon before I got too big preggo to do anything.

*We missed our cruise ship- sad, sad, sad day! We never got our money back. We went to Atlanta instead of the Caribbean. Elevation summer youth camp. Work. Work. Work.

*enjoyed shopping for shirt & dresses with embellishments: my fav fashion find of the summer. Talked about how much I love pink toenail polish, but I ventured out and did a aqua for the summertime. Shared my obsession for sonic happy hour drinks. My grandma turned 78 & all my family got to see me pregnant at her birthday bash. My new baby nephew peed on me. Mike went to Guatemala & my mom & I painted Maggie Claire's room orange sherbet.

*New blog design. Celebrated our 2nd anniversary together and didn't go anywhere, but I did talk Mike into going to the beach with me. My baby shower{s} have begun. My belly kept getting bigger and bigger. We found a snake in my inlaws backyard. Maggie Claire's room is finally getting all together- the curtains are hung! :) I got a giant knitted cupcake.

*I revealed Maggie claire's closet & shoe collection- kinda scary for a little girl who wasn't even born yet! I went paddleboarding 9 months pregnant. Had professional maternity photos taken. My last baby shower & met my blog friend Hilary. My last month working! :)

*Maggie Claire was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a mom is amazing. I did weekly updates for her first 3 weeks & blogged about some of her firsts. She was so tiny & oh so sweet! :) Life can't get any better!

*Maggie Claire was a ballerina for halloween & I shared the pretty pictures of her- so adorable! Sent out MC's birth announcements & celebrated her 1 month birthday! Took pictures of MC & the giant cupcake. Celebrated a birthday party for Mac (MC's future hubs) & went to MC's first wedding. It was my golden birthday- my first birthday as a momma. Super excited about the holidays!!! Happy Thanksgiving & we went to the festival of lights as a small group!

* found a sparkly Christmas ornament dedicated to my blog. Took Maggie Claire to see santa claus with her cousins. We celebrated Maggie Claire's 2 month birthday. She got her first shots {sad face}. I shared my Christmas decorations with you guys & my favorite picture of Mike & MC. Merry Christmas! We spent lots of time with family and found out we get to go to California for vacation next year to visit Mike's parents! :)

2010 was amazing. I know 2011 will even be better watching Maggie Claire grow up to be one year old & grow together even more as a family as three!


Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

Oh, I'm so glad my knitted cupcake made the list! :) I'm going to have to go stalk your facbook now to see if I can find those preggo pictures. I never saw any oh them!


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