Thursday, July 29, 2010

monday is full of miscellany! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1.} I only have 10 more weeks until maggie claire's due date! That is so exciting, crazy, nerve-racking, and scary!!! I will have a baby girl in my arms in 10 weeks{maybe less}! wooohooo! :) 30 week picture... I feel like my stomach is looking more like an egg shape, and not round... interesting!
I also changed the ribbon out of the dress me up plate, I'm just loving pink and orange right now!
{2.} My friend found this at a yard sale a while back, and she was going to give it to someone else, but after a year of it sitting in her apt, she gave it to me! I gave it a good clean and tested this cute little piggy humidifier out today! The air comes out of t's ears, it's pretty cute!

{3.} Tonight Mike and I went to a 1 year old birthday party for these two little cuties. They are cousins who were born 1 week apart, and I get to keep them in the nursery every week. Both of them are such a joy to be around, and just sweet little girls! They will be Maggie Claire's 2nd or 3rd cousins,{they are Mike's cousin's little girls} lol... anyways...a bunch of cute little surratt's!

{4.} On Friday when I got my new windshield, I decided to clean all the trash out of my car, well... I found 20 sonic mints! That is what you call too many strawberry fruit slushes for this pregnant lady! haha
{5.} This lovely recliner will be delivered to us tomorrow, and I am so excited! :) Instead of buying a glider for MC's room, we decided to get a rocker/recliner for the living room, and move the little IKEA couch in MC's room! I can't wait... plus this will be super good to put my feet up after working all day these last few weeks of being pregnant!
{6.} Last weekend when I went to my grandma's 78th birthday party, my adorable cousin blair gave me a bag full of goodies from my registry.... a hot pink fitted crib sheet & a crib pad, and {this wasn't on my registry} a tervis tumbler sippy cup! How cute is that?!?! Blair knows how much I love tervis tumblers... and just a big thank you for MC's first tervis! She will love it! :)
P.S.- 5 years ago today{8.2.05}, I met Mike for the 1st time! :) 3 years later we got married! {8.3.08} A big anniversary post will happen tomorrow in celebration of us!

fashion, style, and other fun things...

So, I should have linked up with carissa's miscellany monday, but it's thursday, so I would be a few days late. It's been a busy week, and I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday!

Yesterday, I got pulled over when I was leaving work... all because of my cracked windshield! I was so scared, I thought it might have been for buckling my seatbelt as I was pulling out of the parking lot at work, but he just gave me a warning and told me that I needed to get it fixed, because it's dangerous! Tomorrow, Mike and I are dropping it off to get it fixed on my lunchbreak! {the crack is about 3 feet long, with a small spider crack below it, from a rock.} So, yes, it is dangerous, especially if I will be driving Maggie Claire around in my car in just a couple months!

On Wednesday, I had about an hour free time in between my doctors appointment and lunch with my friends, so I headed to ross to see what I could find, I dread getting dressed in the morning, because nothing fits like I like it being pregnant! I can't wait to wear my regular shorts again!! As I walked in to head to the maternity section, I saw a dress hanging on the end of a rack that I thought was cute, so I picked it up to try on, hoping that it would look cute. Well, out of everything that I tried on, it fit so cute, and I can't wait to wear it! I will wear it to one of my baby showers! It's a pretty purple and it has an embellished neckline with flowers on it!

I'm totally loving styles like these below that I found from googling embellished necklines! haha...

I love the ruffles on this gray dress! :)
and of course, I love the bow and ruffle combo on this top!
Lately, I've been tired of the same color pink that I paint my toes every summer. It's normally a hot pink, but I have decided to venture out. I went to target {my favorite store on earth} and found this aqua color, and I am sure loving it! :)
It was only like $1.29. I also bought a bright yellow that I might try out for August. Super cute & super bright!
{and now for the baby talk}

This week, Target released a new line of pampers diapers! They are super cute! Well, I haven't actually seen them in person, but from the pictures, they are so cute. I know that most of you have seen the hilarious huggies jean diaper commercial. Everytime I see it, I laugh... "I poo in blue", yes, hysterical. Well, I guess pampers decided to make a designer diaper now. haha. The one in this picture have a ruffle design on the butt! So cute! Can't wait to get my hands on these! :) Has anyone seen these in the store or bought them? I know they come in boys and girls designs.
Here are my belly pictures from the last 3 weeks! I can't believe that on Saturday, I will be 30 weeks!!!! That's so crazy! This summer is flying by, and I'm kind of glad because it is so hot with the heat index being anywhere from 103 to 120 everyday these past few weeks!!!! Seriously, not good for this preggo lady, I've been drinking so much water, that normally by lunchtime, I have drank 4 of my 24 ounce tervis tumbler of water! Which you all know what that means, going to the bathroom, like every 30 minutes!!!

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday along with our preggo mama lunch, and it was a fun day! Maggie Claire's heartbeat was in the 130s, and my belly was measuring right on track! I have gained a total of 23 pounds so far... and I'm sure I will gain at least 10 more pounds these last 10 weeks! {I'm hoping to gain no more than 30 pounds total though} I don't want to blow up too much! ok, so has anyone done a belly cast of when they were pregnant?? The artsy part of me can't wait to do this! I'm going to get some of my friends to help me do this! They have the kits at babies r us for about $20, so this should be fun. I've read online that the best time to do it is around 35-37 weeks! I like the style of this one with the neckline coming to a v. Isn't the design on this one too cute?!?!
Oh! I have some good and exciting news!!!! I just heard from my friend Christina, who we visited over Christmas in Tulsa, OK, and she will be coming to Charleston to visit in October, a week before Maggie Claire is due! Christina hasn't seen me pregnant yet, so if MC hasn't made her arrival by then, she will see me pregnant, if not, she will get to meet Maggie Claire!!! I am just so excited!!!!

Have a great Friday everyone! :) I know I sure will!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

family celebrations & a 78th birthday!

Yesterday we drove to Conway to celebrate Mama Nell's {my grandmother} 78th birthday! We try to get together once a year besides Christmas, and so this year we threw her a birthday party! My grandma is so awesome, and I just love her. I can't wait until Maggie Claire gets here for them to meet. Maggie will be her first great grand daughter! She already has 3 great grand sons, so this will be the first girl! :)
Here is everyone who came yesterday, this is all of my dad's immediate family(3 brothers and 1 sister) and their spouses, kids, and grandkids. We were only missing 4 people who didn't come yesterday, so that was fun that so many people were able to come!
Mama Nell with her children and their spouses
Here is mama nell and her children.
Uncle Steve, Uncle John, Mama Nell, my dad- Tim, Aunt Martha, and Uncle David!
Here are me and all my cousins! I feel like every year we add more people to the cousin picture. So many of us are getting married, Adam and Nichole got married next year, and maybe soon Jessica and her boyfriend Alex, who everyone just met for the first time yesterday will get hitched soon! Brad and Beth have 2 kids now, I'm about to have MC, and we're trying to influence Adam and Nichole to have a baby soon! :) This picture will definitely be growing!!
Aunt Tammy did such a great job decorating, everything looked so cute and colorful!
I snagged this picture for Bethany while they were about to leave...
My brother, Brad & his wife Beth, with Jack and Tate, and Mama Nell
I should have taken a picture with Mama Nell because we matched, I guess I was too busy chatting to take pictures! :)

Happy 78th birthday Mama Nell!
{she told me as I was leaving that she is going to get a facebook so we can keep in touch more. She said "as soon as I get the internet hooked up at my house." }
I love it, my 78 year old grandma is about to get a facebook. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

friends and such...

running low on energy to blog lately. Working full time with a classroom full of crazy two year olds and being pregnant has definitely been wearing me out! Just thought I would update some fun pictures to let you all know some of what I've been up to lately!

Two weeks ago was my friend anita's birthday! We met at zaxbys for lunch with some of the girls, and enjoyed lunch together! {plus we all love zaxbys!} I gave Anita her first tervis tumbler for her birthday! She was so excited and has been carrying it around ever since! :)
Last night, we had another girls night out! I love going out with these girls, and it has been fun doing it often! Bethany, myself, Anita, Allison, and Michelle went out to eat at the red orchid in west ashley. Allison always goes there, so she planned for all of us to go, and it was amazing! It was all of our first time going there {except allison}, and we all want to go back!

After we ate dinner we went to the burlington coat factory to look at there baby depot section, and that was just like going to babies r us! I was so surprised how much stuff they had! Then we went to Kaminsky's and got dessert. We stayed out so late, but it was so worth it! :) Here's a picture of us at Kaminsky's! :)
This past weekend was the beginning of many baby showers for all my friends who are pregnant! We celebrated Whitney's shower for her baby girl on the way Gemma Lane! Gemma and Maggie Claire are going to be best friends! Here are some pictures from the shower!

April, Whitney, and myself
gotta love pretty cakes, everything was little birdie themed to go along with how Gemma's room is decorated in penelope from pottery barn!
Whitney got so many cute things :)
When I go to a baby shower I always like to get something personalized and something from the registry. I put together this popsicle set, and everything came out so cute! Bethany(my sis in law)'s sister has just started a children's boutique online and so of course I had to get some cute stuff from her! She made the burp cloth and the onesie. I had already bought the leg warmers, so I asked her if she could do something to go with them, and the onesie and burp cloth turned out perfect! I made the popsicle hairbow to go on a headband, along with some more hairbows that I didn't take pictures of. Gemma will be styling with all her hairbows!!! I also got Whitney a cute lady bug pod from her registry. {click on the pictures to get a beeter look at all the cute stuff}
Here's the preggo mamas!!! Me, Courtney, and Whitney! {abbey we missed you!}
This is the last thing that I'm going to add in this post, but I am just so excited about it! Target has come out with a new line of things this past week, and I love this diaper bag! It's a petunia pickle bottom "for target" bag, it's so cute, and it comes with back pack straps too! :) Of course, I added it to my registry! :)

Hopefully it won't take me a week and a half to get enough energy to write another blog post! Have a good rest of the week! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

caution! frequent leaks!

So last night I was at a party with a bunch of girlfriends, and my sister-in-law was there with my adorable nephew Tate. Well, of course I just love to hold him and love on him when I get the chance, so that's what I was doing. I was holding him in front of me just talking to him and all the sudden I felt something.... yes, it was pee! I was totally shocked, and still don't know how it happened, I guess I was holding him in a weird position, allowing his diaper to have a small gap open on the side and it just shot out on my shirt, on the floor, and dripping down his leg!

After it was all over, it was kind of funny, and I was laughing so hard! Beth said, it's ok, I always have this backup onesie in the diaper bag, and it said "Caution, frequent leaks!" Definitely very appropriate for the time! I got a picture of us with his dry clothes on, but I guess it still is possible to leak through a diaper! hehe...
happy saturday everyone!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

orange sherbet for baby girl

Here it is!
I decided to go with a light orange for Maggie Claire's room! I absolutely love it! Here are some pictures of the room so far, I have a lot more things planned for the room, so this is just the beginning! {the paint in the pictures does look darker than in real life.}
I love the crib on this wall, but not sure where I'll put the mirrors and other furniture.
The changing table! My mom ordered the baskets for it, and they were too big by less than 1cm. My mom also got the changing pad off my registry and picked up this cover because it was on clearance. I registered for a few more colors too! My stepdad is going to adjust the shelves so the bins will fit.
When my mom came to paint the room, she brought this lampshade off of my registry along with the bins and changing pad. My mom really is the greatest, did I mention she pretty much painted the entire room by herself?!?! Thanks for helping your preggo daughter out! :)

The most difficult decision I'm having about the rest of her room is what kind of chair to get. All of these gliders and ottomans available is A LOT to choose from, and I'm kind of stuck... I need some suggestions!!!
Her closet is so exciting to me, probably because it's a little project that I can't wait to get finished! I just need some more bins to finishing fill up the shelves to organize her clothes/belongings. I think I might get some solid color ones to go with the floral prints, what do you think??? Maybe a dark fuchsia??
I'm also glad that I'm able to keep a lot of my bow making/craft supplies in the bottom of her closet, along with our printer ready to go and all of our office supplies! Maggie's closet is multi-functional! :)

I still want to make a ribbon chandelier as a mobile for MC, I think it will be a cute added touch to the room, and many more artsy projects I have that I'll be sure to let you know all about! {I still am drooling over the PB pink zebra rug too!}

that's all for now... Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

baby updates

Today I had a doctor's appointment {26 weeks 3 days} to take my glucose test and have an ultrasound! I was of course super excited about my ultrasound... but sadly, I can't scan in the pictures because my computer is sick and waiting to get fixed so I'm using Mike's work computer which won't connect to our scanner! The pictures of her are so cute though! She weighed in at 2 lbs 4 oz! I was so shocked at how big she is getting! I didn't ask if she was measuring big for her gestational age, but the doctor said everything looked perfect and she is growing very healthy and strong! Her heartrate was a strong 132 bpm! We got to see her yawn 2 or 3 times, that was so cute, she had her hands up by her face and she just looked so sweet all cuddled up!! oh yes... and the chubby cheeks are definitely still there, I can't wait to kiss them!!!

Until I can get the ultrasound pictures scanned in, here are my belly pics for last week and this week! I changed the ribbon to be patriotic for the month of July! :)
The glucose test wasn't as bad as I has expected. They make you drink this very sugary drink, I had orange flavor and then you have to wait for an hour and they take some blood to see how your body reacts to the sugar. Now, I just have to wait about a week to get the results back, I'm hoping for no call from the doctor because, they said "no news is good news!" I guess we'll just wait and see!
Also, I just wanted to send everyone over to Adrienne's blog and pray for sweet baby Bennett. I just love that name for a little boy! Bennett was born on last week on July 3rd at 26 weeks 5 days. Adrienne's due date for Bennett was October 4th, just 5 days shy of my due date. I can't even imagine delivering a baby right now at this gestational age! Bennett was only 1 pound 4 ounces and 12 inches long! He is doing great, but of course still needs our prayers because he needs to grow stronger so he can go home to see his brothers and sister! I'm praying for little baby Bennett!

Stay tuned for my next blog post... I have pictures of Maggie Claire's nursery ready to reveal!!! I can't wait! It's coming together so fast! :)

Back to work tomorrow... I have enjoyed this long holiday, today I went to the beach for 2 hours by myself and it was soooooo nice! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

weekend 4th of July fun!

This has been one crazy 4th of July weekend! Mike flew in late Saturday night from Guatemala!!! YAY! It has seemed to be a long week without him here {and my hormonal pregnant-self!}. On Sunday we planned to go out on the boat with his parents and watch some fireworks in the harbor! We had such a great time!
I had never watched fireworks in Charleston from a boat, so that was a fun experience! Here's me just enjoying the show! :)
We were on the boat from about 5:30 to 11pm! It was a long night!
Mike and I enjoying the beautiful view!
We found this hat floating in the harbor that someone had lost, we rescued it, and Mike wore it just about the entire night! It was kinda funny!
So thankful that we live in such a beautiful city!
On Friday, before Mike came home, my sister-in-law and brother invited me go with them to the beach at night with a bunch of her family who is in town from Ohio. It was so fun, and my nephew Jack was so funny about the beach!

Jack loved digging in the sand, while Tate is in the background just chillin in his car seat! :) It was Tate's first time at the beach!
As soon, as we got there, Jack started lifting up his shirt saying "shirt off", he obviously wanted to get in the water, but when he got close to the water and the waves were coming, he would run away from the waves! It was also pretty chilly to get in the water because it was the evening.
Me & Bethany
Sweet little Jack :)
I'm so thankful that Mike is back in town, and we get to hang out and enjoy some time together! We both have Monday off, and Tuesday I have off too because we have an ultrasound and I have to go and take the famous pregnancy glucose test. yippee! {definitely not looking forward to drinking that nasty sugar filled drink!!}

I hope everyone has had a great 4th of July and enjoying this time to celebrate America! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

sweet little Cohen

Today I'm praying for Megan and Brent and this post is dedicated to Cohen Marshall. He was such a strong little boy in his short sweet life. You can read all about Cohen over at Send Love to Cohen!

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