Thursday, May 13, 2010

nursery ideas

I have been googling one nursery idea after another the past couple of days, and oh boy, I do love what I see, except those dollar signs! I'm sticking with the liberty of london nursery crib bedding from target. Right now it says it is out of stock and will be available for shipment in 2 to 4 weeks, so I'm just being patient. I found an inspirational collage over at project nursery, which I am loving that site!

In the picture is maggie claire's bedding that she will be sleeping in, a lovely chandelier lamp from pottery barn teen, the adorable zebra pink rug {you guys know that I'm in love with zebra}, and pretty crystal lamp from pier 1. The pottery barn mirrored dresser is a little too fancy for me, but I love how she did this collage!
The PB chandelier is way out of our budget to get for maggie's room, so instead I will either make a really cute ribbon chandelier {photo below via inspire co.} or try and find a used chandelier and spice it up a little bit to look similar to the PB chandelier . I know, you readers will all say that this ribbon chandelier is the way to go and totally fits me because of my hairbow making self, so I will have to test it out and see how I like it!
I do really like this pink chandelier that I found on

The main thing that I am on the hunt for right now is a white dresser, or one that I can paint white, and that will double as a changing table. I have found a couple on craigslist that I really like for only $35-$50, but I'm waiting to hear back on the dimensions. I would like it to be around 35 inches high, because that seems to be a good fit for a changing table, but I don't want to be too picky or anything! hehe. I love the one in this picture below {photo via project nursery}. I'm hoping to find something similar to this! Wish me luck!


Hilary Lane said...

I agree with you on the dresser instead of a changing table. My sister bought the convertible sets, so the changing tables turn into desks. I still have my childhood dresser that's going to be perfect, WHEN that day comes. :-)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you MUST make the ribbon chandelier. i have to see it. i know it will be stunning!

Anna Baur said...

It all looks very cute...and very "you!" That's the best :)

Sarah Ann said...

I love it all! I agree with Carissa about the ribbon chandelier :) and if you love zebra, you and Baillie should be besties!!

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