Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the new addition

On Sunday morning, my sister in law, Bethany, called me saying that her water had broken and they were on the way to the hospital! I was so excited, seeing that Tate's c-section was scheduled for the following day, Monday, he decided to come a day early! By the end of the first service at church my brother texted me and told me that they were going into the OR for the c-section, so I knew that I just needed to leave and head to the hospital!

By the time I got to the hospital he was already born and I saw him through the nursery window, he was precious!!! So I waited with this little guy{he was just too excited to meet his little brother}.
Tate Cohen Singleton
May 23, 2010
10:29 am
8 pounds even & 21 inches long

Tate with his auntie Hilary :)
Jack is the sweetest big brother! Jack loves to kiss and touch Tate. He likes to point out Tate's fingers, toes, ears, nose, and eyes! Jack always says, "I see him, I kiss him." He wants to kiss him every time he sees him. It is precious!
I was just chatting it up with him, telling him that his baby cousin Maggie will be here in a few months to play with him!
Here's the new family of four!
Sweet baby Tate sleeping
Of course, my mom and I brought decorations for the door{and in the room}.
This is Tate on his 2nd day. He wore this sweet little night gown with puppies on it, and look at the blonde hair! {I'm thinking that Maggie will have blonde hair too}
After he got his diaper changed, he had his foot pressed up against the glass. in in the bassinet.
Of course, I will be posting more pictures soon! This proud aunt will definitely be over there often loving on my sweet little nephews! I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to spend time with my brother and his family! I'm also thankful that Maggie will have cousins close to hang out with, I always wished that my cousins lived closer!


Kimberly said...

how sweet!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

he is so very sweet and handsome!!! it was great seeing you. thank you a TON for your gorgeous painting! i love love love it!

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