Wednesday, April 28, 2010

celebrating baby Tate! :)

My awesome sister-in-law is pregnant with her 2nd little boy, baby Tate Cohen, coming next month!!! Last night we showered her with love, and lots of diapers and wipes! The shower was at my house, and this was the first party{like any type of shower} that I've had at my house, so I was super excited! Here are a few pictures from the night, we had so much fun! :)
Allison, Alexa, me, & Bethany

I got this hat for Beth, for Tate to wear in the hospital so everyone will know his name!
I ordered it from this etsy shop, and I highly recommend anything from her store, It came in the mail in less than a week! :)
baby Issac Russo came to the shower too, with his mommy, Abbi. This was the first time I had seen him, and I held him for a while and he is just so sweet!!! :)

{he's 3 weeks old, and so handsome!}

me & Bethany

Bethany got some adorable things, including this really cute burp cloth from her sister!

Everyone at the shower!

All of the yummy food!
{notice the sunflowers that I have all over my house thanks to my friend Whitney who I've been working for lately, who has her own wedding floral business, and she always let me take home left over flowers, and I just made some arrangements for the shower!}

me {16 weeks} and Bethany{35weeks}

Bethany's sister made the punch, and we put floating light up frogs in the punch, it was so cute!

Monday, April 26, 2010

pregnant weirdos

Weird things happen when you are pregnant! Here are a few that have happened in the last week:

*Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, and I noticed that the baby was only on one side of my belly! It was the weirdest feeling! I had a lopsided belly! I guess it was from sleeping on my side and the baby just shifted that way! It made me giggle and it shifted back after standing up for a minute!

*Yesterday during church{we normally go to the noon service because of me working in the nursery, and Mike is speaking at Nitro} the people behind us smelled like a baby food jar of green beans. I don't know if a lot of you know what baby food smells like, but I think it smells gross. I asked Mike if he could smell it and he said no, and that I smell weird things. Then during the last song of service I started smelling these awesome smelling hotdogs. I leaned over to Mike and said "Do you smell those yummy smelling hotdogs??" He then just looked at me and laughed, giving me a crazy look! I promise that is what I was smelling!!!

*Last week Mike and I watched a little bit of Ace Ventura 2 and this scene must have been the last scene that we saw because I had a dream that the baby was pushing out of my stomach so we could see all the fingers through my skin and the baby grabbed my finger while still being in my stomach! I was like, this is so weird and it's probably because of the dumb rhino scene in Ace Ventura!!!

That's just a few of the crazy things I have been experiencing! I thought that yall might get a good laugh out of that! I've also had a few violent dreams where some of my family members were stabbing people! SO CRAZY!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

you've been a bad friend to me!

Today, I attended the Beth Moore simulcast event that was at our church, and I just love me some Beth Moore! I have been reading her new book So Long Insecurity {you've been a bad friend to me} and it is a really good book! I was trying to read the entire book by the event today, but since I've been doing the Bible in 90 days{more like 110 days, I'm in the book of Luke} that I was suppose to finish today, I haven't been able to read any extra books on the side!
Yesterday I was laying out while reading So Long Insecurity, and it seems like such an oxymoron trying to get a tan {and feel secure while doing it} I was glued to this book for an hour thinking, why am I obsessed with getting as much sun as I possibly can, while no "tan look" is going to get me anywhere closer to Heaven!
I thought the conference was really good! Beth went through Ephesians 4:1-5:2, and gave us an acronym spelling SECURE during her powerful message today and I thought that I would share it with you!
a secure woman is..

Saved from herself
Entitled to trust
Clothed with intention
Upended by grace
Rebounded by love
Exceptional in life

I really loved that last one, thinking that I need to be the one that people say that I'm an exception in life, not feeling insecure about things! One of my favorite quotes that Beth said today was "Insecurity is not a weakness, it's an unbelief" I recommend her book So Long Insecurity to any woman in the world, no matter your age! There were young teenagers there today at our location, and a few ladies that were over the age of 80! God is so awesome speaking to women of all ages today!

I sat with my sis in law Bethany, my mom , and my church/blogger friend Heather! {you should check out her blog, she ALWAYS has giveaways, like at least one a week!} I realized afterwards that so many of my friends were there and I didn't even know it!

on another note, I'm 16 weeks today! I'm posting my 14, 15, & 16 weeks belly shots in a few days! I started to post the 14 & 15 pictures last night, but my computer decided to not be connected to the internet anymore... lol, so I'll just finish that draft later on! :)

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the sweetest surprise :)

Today I had lunch with these three fun people!
Marla, my friend that I've know forever it seems like, and her two kiddos, Alana & Jak!
I've known Marla for about 6 years and she is the friend that I could get caught in trouble with. We did things like try to both ride this car in wal*mart and it tipped over, with me flying off the back and almost passing out! Or doing things like this or this during the middle of the day or the middle of the night, or acting crazy like this! She is just a fun friend that I have! She married into the military over 4 years ago, she has moved to Texas and Hawaii, and back home, and now back to Hawaii next month.
We both share the love for Target, ye ole fashion, and Zaxbys. Well, today we met at Zaxbys for lunch , and we just had the best time! Alana, who will be 4 next month, was just the sweetest thing today, she wanted to sit beside me, go with me to get refills, she offered her scooby doo snacks with me, and she knew that I got my earrings at Target. Now, that's my girl. hehe. Oh, and her middle name is Claire, the middle name of my child if it's going to be a girl! :)

Well, After lunch we walked out to her car and she opened her trunk, and this was in it!!!! The stroller that I talked about here! I was so blown away! She told me that since she won't be here to throw a shower for me, this was the least she could do! Seriously, I started to cry when I got back in my car after she gave it to me! It was definitely a sweet surprise today!
After I got home from work today, I was very eager to open the box , so I started cooking dinner and Mike started putting it together! It was pretty simple to put it together, and Mike did such a great job!
Mike enjoys putting things together and that's a good thing because we will be getting a lot more baby gear and furniture that will need to be put together! :)
Here is the final stroller! I can't wait to get the infant carseat to match and put on top of it! :)
I am just too excited! After it was all put together, Mike and I were sitting on the couch and he said "I can't believe that I own a stroller!" I thought that was so cute, and yes, I can't believe it either! In less than 6 months we are going to be parents! That's so crazy!
{Please excuse the last picture, I have wet hair from the shower and I'm in my pjs, hehe}

Monday, April 19, 2010

to the sweetest kid I know...

Happy 2nd birthday Jack!
Today is my nephew's Jack's birthday! I can't believe that 2 years ago we were waiting for hours at the hospital for his arrival! He really is the sweetest kid, and I just can't wait for his little brother to be here next month! We were looking back at pictures and it's so sweet to see how little he was, that just seems so hard to remember!
Yesterday was his birthday party at wannamaker park, and I know he had so much fun and he did really good opening up all his gifts! IN the picture above, my little sister Katelyn was feeding Jack m&ms. He loved the candy! In the picture below, this dog was from my Papa Joy, which is Jack's great-grandpa who came down from Conway.
That sweet little 2-year old face! :)

Auntie Hilary gave him some art supplies (crayons, coloring books & wonder marker set), which he loved, he kept saying "crayons! crayons!" It was so cute!
Jack loved Ashley & Darrell's dog, Hami, who came to the party, he was laughing so hard at the dog! I love his sweet smile!
He is such the rockstar!

Jack, you are so awesome and I hope your birthday was the best ever. You have some awesome parents who love you and an Oma and Aunt Hilary who are crazy over you! When your little brother comes into the world next month, we're going to have to share the love, but don't worry, You're the oldest, so you can take over little man! Your baby cousin that is coming in October can't wait to play with you! :) Stay sweet forever little buddy!
Love, Auntie Hilary :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

lets meet some blog friends!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

So This week I'm a part of the Ultimate Blog party where you meet a lot of new bloggers! Click here to join the party and learn more what the party is all about!

I just wanted to introduce myself for those of you who don't know me! My name is Hilary Surratt and I starting blogging about planning my wedding two years ago over here. This is where I blog now and I am loving it and all my blog friends! My husband, Mike and I are expecting our first child in October and we can't be more thrilled! I just graduated from college and I'm working part-time at my church in the children's ministry and part-time at a private preschool/elementary school. As you can probably tell I love kids! My husband is a full time youth pastor, so I am a {cool/hip} YP wife! I am so blessed to have an amazing husband to do ministry with. We love it!

I blog mainly about my day to day experiences, the fun things about being pregnant {like loving some sonic and cookie dough icecream}, my love for shopping at target, and my love for the color pink! I LOVE comments, new followers and I'm definitely having fun at the UBP2010! :)

You can also follow me on twitter @hilarysurratt

Oh! There are also a lot of fun prizes being given away during the virtual party
and here are my top picks:

1. US12- 1 month subscription to Netflix from 1 stop mom
2. US32- Target gift card {mt favorite place of all time} from the frugal novice
3. US49- Starbucks gift card from Feels Like Time
4. US51- babywearing carrier from Scandinavian Child
5. US53- waterproof sippycup name labels & bag tags from Sunshine Paperie
6. US23- Gift card to

Also, go and visit Natalie from the Busy Budgeting Mama because she is having a great giveaway! Go check her blog out and enter in her giveaway! :) She has an adorable daughter, Sophia, and is pregnant with her second little one! I love reading her blog and I'm all about being busy and budgeting! Also, her husband is a youth pastor, so I have a little bit of extra love for this gal.

Friday, April 9, 2010

12 & 13 week belly shots

12 weeks
13 weeks
I decided to catch up on my belly pictures.... I'm going to try and wear the pink tank for every belly pic so I can actually tell how big my belly is getting! But I'll probably get sick of it and change it to something else! Oh! I bought a bellaband today!!!! They are on sale this week at target{my favorite store of all time}, so I knew it was a sign that I finally needed to buy one after wanting one ever since I became pregnant! My friend Lindsay let me borrow her nude color one and I loved it so much that I wanted to get a black one too! Plus one of my blogger friends Drea, who is a PW & just had her adorable son Owen, always talked about how much she loved hers. :)

Tomorrow I will actually be 14 weeks! Hello, second trimester!!!! I can't believe it!

I have super big plans this weekend, one being my awesome friend carissa's baby girl shower! I just can't wait, I made her something... and I will definitely post about it after I give it to her! Also, one of Mike's volunteers is getting married tomorrow and we are going to their wedding! They are such a cute couple, I know it is going to be a great wedding!
Have a super weekend everyone!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 4 day weekend

This weekend was super busy but today I had the day off and Mike and I went out on the boat with the family and it was just the perfect day!!! Here's how our weekend went, and here are some of the pictures from the weekend!

I loved how the Easter pictures turned out of Mike and I! We took them outside the church before the first service on Saturday night! I actually had 2 Easter outfits picked out (One for Saturday services and one for Sunday), and the new Easter dress that I bought & wore on Sunday, I didn't even get a picture of me in it, but I will have to wear it again and take a picture!

Friday: Good Friday we had our 12 week appointment! Everything went great and our little one had a great steady heartbeat of 160!!! What a joy it was to hear our little ones heart beating. It's so reassuring to know that everything is going ok in there, I feel like sometimes I don't even feel like I'm pregnant! After our appointment we met some friends at the beach! I love the beach, and was so excited to finally lay out and get some sun! After the beach we had double Thorn shows! They were great and both shows were eventually sold out! What a blessing of those who came!
Robert getting "drippy blood" on him
The Jesus makeup team with both of our "Jesi". Robert and Michael did such a great job in the double shows on Friday!
Mike and I at the beach! I got soooooo sunburn!!! I haven't been this sunburn since highschool! I regret not putting on more suncreeen! I have been in so much pain the last couple of days!! Today(monday) when we went on the boat I wore a tshirt the entire time and lathered the sunscreen all over! (Can you tell I'm pregnant??) You can see a little baby bump there!
I took some 12 weeks belly shots, but I'm 13 weeks now, so I will post both of them together soon! :)
(I don't know why all of this is underlined??)

All of the final Easter eggs that we made!
Mike made one that looks like an eyeball!
Beth, Jack, & Bradford before Easter services! What a cute family & Beth is so cute pregnant with baby Tate! :)
My favorite picture of Mike and I the entire weekend!
Oh! Since the Thorn is over, Mike shaved his beard and I cut his hair this morning! My handsome husband is looking so good! :)
Sunday: busy day of services and I worked the 9, 1030, & noon service in the nursery! (We went to the 430 Saturday night service)
Our services this weekend were sooooo good! One of my bestest friends, April painted during the services with 2 other girls. She is a worship artist and her work is amazing! Here is the painting that she designed and painted in all 7 services live this Easter weekend in the Worship center. April does such an amazing job painting pictures of Jesus, and this particular one Jesus' face is painted out of all of the birds. You need to check it out and all of her other work here! :)

Monday: I was off and so was Mike so we went on the boat with Mike's dad and sister Brittainy who is on her spring break from her worship college! We had such a great time and it was beautiful! :)

Back to work tomorrow.... I hope everyone had a great Easter! :)
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