Wednesday, June 29, 2011

where dreams come true!

Our Disney trip was so much fun! It really was a special time taking Maggie Claire to Magic Kingdom for the first time! When we take her back in a few years {I'm hoping next year, but Mike thinks that is a bit ridiculous} I know it will be even more fun because she will be into it so much more! She was such a trooper while we were there. What was fun was that she was able to do most of the rides!

Oh, I just loved these balloons. I wanted to get one for Maggie Claire, but there would have been no room in our car for it! lol
Family picture in front of the castle
Mags with her grandma sherry in front of the monsters, Inc. laugh floor. Maggie Claire made it on the big screen during that show for being a "cute baby!"
Here we all are {minus me, the photographer} on the monorail!
Welcome to Magic Kingdom!
All of the girls in front of the princess castle

Family picture when we first got there On Main Street USA going towards the castle!
This is Maggie Claire in the Baby Care Center on a changing table, it is a nice place available to change diapers, feed, and take a rest from the heat!
First family trip to Magic Kingdom! In front of the castle & the mickey landscape!
Enjoying the dreams come true parade!!!
That concludes our fun trip to the Magic Kingdom!
I am already looking forward to going back again {hopefully sooner than later} and enjoying it again with Maggie Claire and our little family! This trip was such a blessing to us from Mike's parents, enjoying lots of time with them while we were all in Florida! We are going to California in a little over a month to enjoy time with them at their new house! I love family get togethers!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

here's the tooth!

I finally got a picture of Maggie Claire laughing where we can see her tooth! What a little cutie!
Can you tell we are excited about 4th of July?!?! haha! I love 4th of July! I've been decorating the house a little bit & we are going to have a little 4th of July party at my moms house and I am super excited! :)
I've made some 4th of July hairbows to sell over at Paint, Bake, & Create, so jump on over, check them out, and order one! :)
Happy 4th of July week! {yes, we'll be celebrating all week long!}

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 months old!

Happy 8 months to our sweet Maggie Claire!
Mags turned 8 months when we were in Disney a few weeks ago on June 7th!
We had the best time with her at Magic Kingdom, she is such a cute minnie mouse! :)

I don't have any stats this month because we haven't been to the doctor lately, but she sure is growing!!!
New things she is doing:
  • eating some table foods- she loves the puffs & cheerios. seriously, she'll shovel them all in her mouth! She had blackbeans for the first time the other day at moes! The girl likes to eat! She'll eat all the yummy baby foods.
  • crawling backwards!!!
  • rolls everywhere
  • does 360s on her tummy
  • wears size 9 months or bigger clothes
  • size 3 diaper
  • 2 naps a day, and when she doesn't get them.... not so good. LOL!
  • still nursing 4 or 5 times a day
  • Does great with a sippy cup- she likes water! :)
  • She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, but still not totally crawling.
  • She smiles at everyone, she was belly laughing in Sam's today just looking at a lady, she is so funny.
  • Her 1st tooth is poking through!!! It came through overnight and I found it on Wednesday June 15th! It is her bottom right tooth, and it is so cute!
  • teething, teething, teething... chewing on everything & drooling everywhere!

Being silly in her crib!
"...give thanks to him and praise his name. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations."
Psalm 100:4-5

Thursday, June 16, 2011

baby hugs

This was just the sweetest thing the other day! We were at the sprinklers with some friends and my friend Michelle's little boy, Ryker just got really excited when he saw Maggie Claire and wanted to hug her. I was holding her up and they just hugged and hugged, and it was so sweet!

The sweetest part about it was that Maggie Claire was giggling the entire time! I guess Ryker was tickling her neck while she was hugging her. Oh, it was the sweetest thing! He is 11 months older than her, and this was really the first time they ever played together! I love these babies!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

happy birthday mom!

Friday was my mom's birthday, and she had a painting party at a local place in mount pleasant called bottles and brushes! We had such a fun time and everyone's paintings turned out so good. I did mine as a nighttime look and my mom added Christmas lights to her painting to have as a Christmas decoration. Here are some pictures from the party! :)
I took pictures in between the different stages

It really was so easy, the teacher took everyone step by step to create their own masterpiece!
Jenny & Debbie
Penny {my mom} & Susan
Happy Birthday mom! I love you so much!!
{Everyone should be super jealous because I seriously have the best mom ever!}

Friday, June 10, 2011

florida trip in tweets

I thought it would be neat to post all my tweets and phone pictures for a timeline of our fun and too short florida trip this week! :) Enjoy!

Day 1:
Lunch time! Eating some of mommy's salad at McDonald's:
Mommy in th backseat w/sippy cup & puffs keeping her happy #3morehours
Sleeping baby toes! :)
Mags is sleeping in the back so I'm whispering to @mikesur so I wont to wake her, he responds with hand motions! haha! #dontwakethebaby
We made it to Orlando and started out with dinner at UNOs! #vacation

Day 2:
We just went through the gates at Disney and we already have a sleeping baby! #disneyvacay
Maggie Claire made it on the screen on the monsters inc. Laugh floor for being a cute baby! Yay! #magickingdom
The place where dreams come true!
too much fun for this sleeping beauty! #magickingdom
We tried going in the exit to avoid lines, but they caught us. #disneywhammy
Tea party time {girls only} #magickingdom
I'm so proud of little MC! Went all day at magic kingdom with no meltdowns and only 30 min of sleep! #gonnacrashhard
RT @SherrySurratt This might be the face of too much Mickey magic

Day 3:
Mickey Mouse Hangover
Teaching papa how to use a foot on the ipad

Minnie eating some puffs & enjoying some time with Mimi!

So fun to keep driving by this place!
Best seat at the rainforest cafe beside the aquarium! what what!
Our time visiting the mice and princesses have come to an end. We'll be back! ;)
Day 4: on the way home!
New headband from forever 21, So fun! :)
Being patient... are we home yet mommy?
More pictures from my camera will come soon- I haven't even uploaded them to my computer yet! Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

here we go!

We are heading to Florida this week to go on vacation with Mike's parents and sister from California! We are so so so excited to see them! We are meeting them in Orlando, and you know what that means.... we are going to a Disney park one day! :)

As you can tell Maggie Claire is excited...

I ran across this $5 minnie mouse tank on sale at babies-R-us this week when I was shopping for a baby shower present for one of my friends and I couldn't resist! Plus I still had gift cards left from when Maggie Claire was born, so now she has a super cute shirt to wear! Oh yes, and I made her little minnie mouse clippie she has in her hair...

No worries... you guys will be hearing all about our vacation when we get back! Have a great weekend!
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