Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just too excited to save it for later!

Two days ago, my hubby bought this for me and I am just so excited! Most of you are thinking, why didn't you just get a mac? Well, at first, that is what I wanted... it was going to be my graduation present if I kept my grades over a 3.0! (I graduate in Dec. 09) It was going to be a macbook air, but then Mike talked me out of it. He kept on saying, "Hilary, what do you need a mac for?, All you will use a new laptop for is internet, listening to music, doing papers for school, and pictures." Then I thought about it, and He was right, we saved over 500 dollars, and a special added touch, is that IT IS PINK!!!! I am just so excited! Plus, I don't have to wait until I graduate, I get it early! Yes, I do think mac's are super cool, but for my needs, this adorable PINK Sony laptop is perfect for me! Plus, It has these cool colored LED lights on the bottom of it that plays a light show to your music that is playing. It has a webcam too, which I am super excited about, because my laptop that I have right now doesn't have one! Because it is PINK, some of the proceeds are given to Breast Cancer Awareness foundation! I am looking forward to it coming in the mail this week, It's suppose to be here on Wednesday! Yay for my new pink laptop!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. I kind if lost track a couple of years ago of how old he is, but that is ok, I hope that makes him feel younger! I just wanted to let everyone know about how much I love my dad, and appreciate all that he has done for me! If you don't know my dad, you are missing out. He is probably one of the funniest men you will ever meet! Here are some things that I like about my dad, Tim Singleton:

*He will break out in a song, just about anytime! I mean not just any song, it's normally an old song that he will sing in a deep voice, or it will be a praise and worship song that he thinks he knows all the words to, but he just puts his own words in there! It is pretty funny. He has sung this old song about a "horse that your grandma sent to me!" and it just makes me laugh so hard every time.

*My dad loves sports, he loves baseball, baskteball, football, and just about any other sport that there is. He was my softball coach when I was in the 6th grade, that was so interesting b/c I had never played before! My dad always came to all my swim meets over the 11 years that I swam, and he even showed up at the city meet one year with a visor hat flipped upsidedown, and he wrote on it, "Go Hilary!" That was funny.

*My dad is an awesome cook! I think he gets it from his mom!

*My dad's middle name is Levern, that is an awesome middle name, and not very common either!

*My dad definitley has an announcer voice! If you go to any Northwood Academy sporting event, he is the announcer (known as "the voice of the Chargers", he even does the cool voices when he introduces the players names! He was the announcer at most of my swim meets when I was younger too. Pretty cool, huh?

*The day when my dad walked me down the isle this past year at my wedding, he cried when he first saw me, It was so sweet! I just love him!

Those are just some great things about my dad that I love! I could go on forever, but that's all for now!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines day and LOVE!

Since tomorrow is Valentines day, I decided to do a post about some things that I love!
Here we go!

  • Sweet tea, Mt. Dew, Cherry Coke
  • blonde bobby pins

  • list pads!
  • my nephew Jack

  • funfetti cake with rainbow chip icing

  • throwing any kinds of parties!

  • Penelope from SNL

  • painting

  • scrapbooking

  • anything with polka dots or monograms on it!

  • glitter

  • Seacoast Church

  • blonde haired babies!

  • any red heads!

  • taking pictures of everything

  • pizza, Olive Garden and moe's!

  • Baking sweets

  • Most importantly my HUSBAND and his sarcastic self, which makes me laugh!

Today Mike and I are celebrating Valentines day because tomorrow we are going on a ski trip with the youth group! So much for speninding time together on our first married Valentines day! It's ok though, today I made pizza for lunch and put the pepperonis on the pizza in a heart shape! Tonight we are going to Olive Garden (my absolute favorite restaurant) and using our gift card that we got for Christmas! YAY! I'm so excited. because Mike and I are on a budget we decided to get eachother some of our favorte drinks! I got him a six pack of bottled Dr. Pepper, and tomorrow morning I will be getting my favorite drink from Starbucks; which is a strawberries and cream frap with no whip cream! I am so excited, because I don't ever go to starbucks due to the hi prices! Yay for Valentines day! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

a few of my favorites

Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite kids.

This is my nephew, Jack. If you haven't met Jack yet, you are missing out. He brings a smile to everyone's face! He is the sweetest and cutest kid ever. I hope my kids are as cute and sweet as him. I just love him so much! This is him playing in the church nursery with me a couple of weeks ago!

The other day Christina and I went to lunch at Jason's Deli. I was on the Daniel Fast, so it seemed like a great deal for me because of the amazing salad bar! After we ate, Christina told Ella and Liv that they could get an ice cream. Ella loves Jason's because they have ice cream that you can get yourself. Liv loves ice cream too, but this was the first time she held her own ice cream cone! She was so proud of herself!
These Pictures were from Ella's 4th birthday party, It was a princess Leia theme!

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