Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 weeks old

Today my sweet baby girl is three weeks old, and I just can't believe it! She is already growing up so fast, and I just can't get enough of her! I seriously could {and I do} just kiss those sweet cheeks all day long! Her cuteness makes up for having to get up multiple times throughout the night to feed her! hehe.

I took this picture of her today, and I just love it! The sweet bracelet and all! :)
I'm thinking this should be her birth announcement picture, what do you think??
Earlier this week we went for her 2 week checkup, and I am such a proud momma!
MC weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces and is now 21.5 inches!
She gained over 2 pounds in 2 weeks and grew 2 inches.
I guess I'm producing some high calorie milk! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 weeks

Happy 2 week birthday to my little sweetie pie,
Maggie Claire!

MC has been doing great nursing, and I am constantly working on giving her a full feeding so she will be stay full until the next feeding time, and she actually loves to eat- and I am so thankful! She pees and poops a lot and I am also thankful for that too! :) Yesterday we moved her up to a size 1 diaper- and it actually worked out perfect because we ran out of newborn diapers just in time for her to move up! I can't wait until her next doctors appointment on Tuesday to see how much she weighs, I can already tell she is gaining weight and changing so much!

These two weeks have been very exciting, and we are definitely trying to still figure everything out. It's been challenging but I am so thankful for friends and family helping with everything! We are trying to get Maggie Claire in a routine, which has been challenging but I just keep praying that we will make the right choices, and for the Lord to give us peace about any challenges that we encounter. We started her on a feed, wake, sleep cycle, sometimes its good, others... not so much, but we are still working through it!
It was a great day today, and since it has been 2 weeks after my surgery, I am now allowed to drive again. YAY! so our first outing.... of course was a trip to Target, and possibly a drive through to sonic for me to get a raspberry sweet tea! two of my favorite things!
Of course, while we were at Target I was just taking my sweet time... browsing through the clearance racks.... I snagged 2 new shirts for under $10 each. Gotta love Target clearance! Then I went checking out the shoes. I found these, and now I know what I want for my birthday!! Aren't these just the cutest things ever? I'm in love with the pink roses on top and I know they are screaming my name! hehe. :)
{FYI: they have them in black too!}
It was so nice to finally get out of the house, and MC slept the entire time we were out, so that was nice! Tomorrow is Friday, which means, Mike is off work, which means, family day! So excited- I am going to look forward to Fridays so much more now because we get to spend Fridays together- Love it! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm actually a mom...

Today is day #2 of being at home by myself with maggie claire. It's official, I'm a stay at home mom! :) Oh, and before I begin, I just want to warn you of the cuteness that is about to take over my blog! I will be posting pictures like crazy of this little cutie, because I can't resist her!

I took this picture a today on my phone... she reminds me of minnie mouse with the black and white polka dot bow! She is also wearing her I heart NY onesie that her granma and grampa brought her back from NYC! so stinkin cute!
I get to hang out with this little cutie all day long! :)

It has been fun, busy, and even a little eventful! Yesterday, I decided to be super mom and give MC a bath in the morning, and then she could nap while I take a shower. So, I gave her a bath, {she actually really likes bathtime} then as soon as I washed her little body and was about to move on to her head and wash her hair, she started peeing in the tub..... well, that's not so bad, I just rinsed her off and kept washing. Then, there is was.... the little yellow seedy breastfed poop coming out all in the tub! Super gross! So I scooped her up and started rinsing her in the sink... I couldn't believe it! I just started laughing and she was just smiling super cute. That was a pretty fun first day of being a stay at home mom experience!

Me & Maggie Claire after her first bath when her cord fell off! She was 5 days old!
This is my favorite picture of her from when I did her 1 week photo shoot in her room! I could just kiss on those sweet cheeks all day long!
My friend at church, Emily from Gwyn Designs, did the onesie with her birth stats on it.
You can check out her website here. :)

I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Maggie Claire Surratt
October 7, 2010
10:09 pm
6 pounds 15 ounces
19.5 inches

She is such a beauty, and we are so in love!

We went into the hospital like this...
and we left like this...
We have been doing great and are enjoying life as a little family of three

Monday, October 4, 2010

life before maggie claire...

Happy Monday Everyone!
So I got the call at 5:25 this morning that the labor & delivery unit was full, and they didn't have enough beds to induce me today, which I'm totally fine with! :) They are going to call me again tomorrow, and if they are still full, I have an appointment on Wednesday w/ my doctor to see if I have progressed anymore & we'll go from there.

I'm thinking she is holding out to share a birthday with my brother, Jacoby, tomorrow! {10-5-10} Or maybe she wants to have the cool birthday of 10-10-10 which is on Sunday! It's all in God's perfect timing, and I don't mind wait until this weekend either! :)

Here is my 39 week belly shot!
Last night, I decided to make some treats for my hospital guests & the nurses for when I have Maggie Claire this week! I made the famous pretzel surprise and bagged them up really cute with these adorable tags that I won from the pretty paperie! :) You should go check out Natalie's blog and her etsy shop! She is super talented with graphic design, and I loved how my tags turned out!
This is Mike & I on Wednesday at groundswell united, our mid week youth service! We are representing the "blue tribe" which is 7th & 8th grade. Mike looks real thrilled to take a picture with me... lol. Oh, speaking of my cutie husband, I cut his hair last night, and he is looking mighty fine today! :) I told him that he needed a "daddy haircut" so he will be looking sharp for when maggie claire arrives.... hehe.

This past week has been super fun, but a little busy with everything going on in ministry!!
Last weekend, was the middle school allnighter! {Crazy! I went and stayed until midnight!} Since Mike is the Middle School minister/director, he was busy getting everything ready. On Wednesday was our midweek service and this weekend was the last weekend of Nitro, our middle school service on the weekends. Needless to say, this was a very bust week for ministry! Now it's behind us and we can relax and enjoy our baby girl coming soon! :)

Here are some crazy pictures with me & my friends on Wednesday after groundswell. These girls are some of my best friends, and they just love talking to maggie claire in my belly! They can't wait for her arrival either!
{from right to left in the 1st picture: Sarah, Brittany, April, and me}

oh yes... one last thing! I am so in love with this fall weather that we are getting in Charleston today! This makes me excited about staying pregnant for a little while longer... {well, not too much longer... a week max!} I'm finally not sweating as soon as I wake up in the morning! lol. I'll be rocking the maternity jeans today with a light jacket! :)

Since it is Monday, I'm going to go ahead and link up to carissa's miscellany monday.
Enjoy your Monday everyone!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Friday, October 1, 2010

pregnancy updates & belly pictures

1st of all, happy first day of October! :)
October is a special month for our family, because of all the birthday celebrations and is about to be even more special with our new bundle of joy joining us this month!

Here is my 37 & 38 week belly shots! I can't believe how huge I look! At my 38 week appointment my total weight gain is 35 pounds! That is so crazy to me! The best thing is that hopefully after a few months of having the baby girl, I will lose it all! :) lol. I am going to breastfeed, which also helps with getting rid of all that baby weight too!

I can't really complain overall about my pregnancy, but once I hit week 36, it really has been miserable being pregnant! It is hard to sleep, hard to get up out of bed, hard to move, hard to bend over... etc. The worst things that have happened to me during pregnancy is getting carpal tunnel in my hands, and swelling in my feet. I've heard that once the baby comes out, both of those things almost go away immediately, so I am looking forward to seeing my skinny feet again, and my fingers not being numb all day! I can finally finish writing all of my thank you notes! :)

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be 39 weeks! I will of course take another picture, and a bittersweet moment is that my 39 week picture will be my last picture! :)
hip hip horray!!!

At my doctor appointment today, my doctor informed me that I was ready to go into labor at anytime! My cervix is ready to go, and has progressed! He also told me that he was willing to induce me into labor next week if Maggie Claire hasn't come on her own before then! That means in a few days, I will be holding my sweet baby girl! My blood pressure was up a little bit, and my doctor said that it was most likely from being on my feet so much, and he wasn't too worried, but since today was my last day of work, it should help some if I take it easy! :)

I'm just super excited about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! She is finally going to arrive! I got really nervous today for the first time about having Maggie Claire, but of course, I just want everything to be perfect, and for Maggie Claire to be healthy when she arrives!
I'll keep you all updated and please keep me in your prayers!!!
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