Friday, October 1, 2010

pregnancy updates & belly pictures

1st of all, happy first day of October! :)
October is a special month for our family, because of all the birthday celebrations and is about to be even more special with our new bundle of joy joining us this month!

Here is my 37 & 38 week belly shots! I can't believe how huge I look! At my 38 week appointment my total weight gain is 35 pounds! That is so crazy to me! The best thing is that hopefully after a few months of having the baby girl, I will lose it all! :) lol. I am going to breastfeed, which also helps with getting rid of all that baby weight too!

I can't really complain overall about my pregnancy, but once I hit week 36, it really has been miserable being pregnant! It is hard to sleep, hard to get up out of bed, hard to move, hard to bend over... etc. The worst things that have happened to me during pregnancy is getting carpal tunnel in my hands, and swelling in my feet. I've heard that once the baby comes out, both of those things almost go away immediately, so I am looking forward to seeing my skinny feet again, and my fingers not being numb all day! I can finally finish writing all of my thank you notes! :)

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be 39 weeks! I will of course take another picture, and a bittersweet moment is that my 39 week picture will be my last picture! :)
hip hip horray!!!

At my doctor appointment today, my doctor informed me that I was ready to go into labor at anytime! My cervix is ready to go, and has progressed! He also told me that he was willing to induce me into labor next week if Maggie Claire hasn't come on her own before then! That means in a few days, I will be holding my sweet baby girl! My blood pressure was up a little bit, and my doctor said that it was most likely from being on my feet so much, and he wasn't too worried, but since today was my last day of work, it should help some if I take it easy! :)

I'm just super excited about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! She is finally going to arrive! I got really nervous today for the first time about having Maggie Claire, but of course, I just want everything to be perfect, and for Maggie Claire to be healthy when she arrives!
I'll keep you all updated and please keep me in your prayers!!!


Sarah Fontenot said...

Best wishes to you!! I'll be praying for the safe and healthy arrival of Maggie Claire!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

happy last day of work!!! rest up for maggie claire's arrival! can't wait to see the lil' beauty!

Brittany said...

I said a prayer for you guys :). How exciting!

Anna Baur said...

Im so happy for you guys!!! :) I can't wait to see all the baby pictures!

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