Wednesday, June 29, 2011

where dreams come true!

Our Disney trip was so much fun! It really was a special time taking Maggie Claire to Magic Kingdom for the first time! When we take her back in a few years {I'm hoping next year, but Mike thinks that is a bit ridiculous} I know it will be even more fun because she will be into it so much more! She was such a trooper while we were there. What was fun was that she was able to do most of the rides!

Oh, I just loved these balloons. I wanted to get one for Maggie Claire, but there would have been no room in our car for it! lol
Family picture in front of the castle
Mags with her grandma sherry in front of the monsters, Inc. laugh floor. Maggie Claire made it on the big screen during that show for being a "cute baby!"
Here we all are {minus me, the photographer} on the monorail!
Welcome to Magic Kingdom!
All of the girls in front of the princess castle

Family picture when we first got there On Main Street USA going towards the castle!
This is Maggie Claire in the Baby Care Center on a changing table, it is a nice place available to change diapers, feed, and take a rest from the heat!
First family trip to Magic Kingdom! In front of the castle & the mickey landscape!
Enjoying the dreams come true parade!!!
That concludes our fun trip to the Magic Kingdom!
I am already looking forward to going back again {hopefully sooner than later} and enjoying it again with Maggie Claire and our little family! This trip was such a blessing to us from Mike's parents, enjoying lots of time with them while we were all in Florida! We are going to California in a little over a month to enjoy time with them at their new house! I love family get togethers!

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oh i want to go to disney!!

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