Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the sweetest surprise :)

Today I had lunch with these three fun people!
Marla, my friend that I've know forever it seems like, and her two kiddos, Alana & Jak!
I've known Marla for about 6 years and she is the friend that I could get caught in trouble with. We did things like try to both ride this car in wal*mart and it tipped over, with me flying off the back and almost passing out! Or doing things like this or this during the middle of the day or the middle of the night, or acting crazy like this! She is just a fun friend that I have! She married into the military over 4 years ago, she has moved to Texas and Hawaii, and back home, and now back to Hawaii next month.
We both share the love for Target, ye ole fashion, and Zaxbys. Well, today we met at Zaxbys for lunch , and we just had the best time! Alana, who will be 4 next month, was just the sweetest thing today, she wanted to sit beside me, go with me to get refills, she offered her scooby doo snacks with me, and she knew that I got my earrings at Target. Now, that's my girl. hehe. Oh, and her middle name is Claire, the middle name of my child if it's going to be a girl! :)

Well, After lunch we walked out to her car and she opened her trunk, and this was in it!!!! The stroller that I talked about here! I was so blown away! She told me that since she won't be here to throw a shower for me, this was the least she could do! Seriously, I started to cry when I got back in my car after she gave it to me! It was definitely a sweet surprise today!
After I got home from work today, I was very eager to open the box , so I started cooking dinner and Mike started putting it together! It was pretty simple to put it together, and Mike did such a great job!
Mike enjoys putting things together and that's a good thing because we will be getting a lot more baby gear and furniture that will need to be put together! :)
Here is the final stroller! I can't wait to get the infant carseat to match and put on top of it! :)
I am just too excited! After it was all put together, Mike and I were sitting on the couch and he said "I can't believe that I own a stroller!" I thought that was so cute, and yes, I can't believe it either! In less than 6 months we are going to be parents! That's so crazy!
{Please excuse the last picture, I have wet hair from the shower and I'm in my pjs, hehe}


Anna Baur said...

that is so nice!!! :) what a cute stroller :)

Sabrina said...

What a sweet friend to buy that for you. No wonder you love her ;-). It's so nice to catch up with a "bosom buddy".

Love the stroller and I can't wait to see pics of all the fun things you will continue to receive!

Sarah Ann said...

That is such a great surprise! :) I love Mike's comment! So sweet! I'm so excited for you guys!

music.is.love said...

Oh, geez...you made me cry! I love you lady, and I'm just so excited for you and Mike! All I ask is that I get sent pictures of your sweet baby in that stroller when "she" gets here...hehe.
I had so much fun seeing you and catching up yesterday. Don't forget to send me your address!

Hilary Lane said...

Yay! I love it!! You have to know I'm going to be living vicariously through you until AJ will agree to venture into baby-land!

Cheryl D. said...

HI! I'm still partying at the UBP! Nice blog!

kanishk said...

I can't wait to see pics of all the fun things you will continue to receive!
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