Monday, April 19, 2010

to the sweetest kid I know...

Happy 2nd birthday Jack!
Today is my nephew's Jack's birthday! I can't believe that 2 years ago we were waiting for hours at the hospital for his arrival! He really is the sweetest kid, and I just can't wait for his little brother to be here next month! We were looking back at pictures and it's so sweet to see how little he was, that just seems so hard to remember!
Yesterday was his birthday party at wannamaker park, and I know he had so much fun and he did really good opening up all his gifts! IN the picture above, my little sister Katelyn was feeding Jack m&ms. He loved the candy! In the picture below, this dog was from my Papa Joy, which is Jack's great-grandpa who came down from Conway.
That sweet little 2-year old face! :)

Auntie Hilary gave him some art supplies (crayons, coloring books & wonder marker set), which he loved, he kept saying "crayons! crayons!" It was so cute!
Jack loved Ashley & Darrell's dog, Hami, who came to the party, he was laughing so hard at the dog! I love his sweet smile!
He is such the rockstar!

Jack, you are so awesome and I hope your birthday was the best ever. You have some awesome parents who love you and an Oma and Aunt Hilary who are crazy over you! When your little brother comes into the world next month, we're going to have to share the love, but don't worry, You're the oldest, so you can take over little man! Your baby cousin that is coming in October can't wait to play with you! :) Stay sweet forever little buddy!
Love, Auntie Hilary :)

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