Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 4 day weekend

This weekend was super busy but today I had the day off and Mike and I went out on the boat with the family and it was just the perfect day!!! Here's how our weekend went, and here are some of the pictures from the weekend!

I loved how the Easter pictures turned out of Mike and I! We took them outside the church before the first service on Saturday night! I actually had 2 Easter outfits picked out (One for Saturday services and one for Sunday), and the new Easter dress that I bought & wore on Sunday, I didn't even get a picture of me in it, but I will have to wear it again and take a picture!

Friday: Good Friday we had our 12 week appointment! Everything went great and our little one had a great steady heartbeat of 160!!! What a joy it was to hear our little ones heart beating. It's so reassuring to know that everything is going ok in there, I feel like sometimes I don't even feel like I'm pregnant! After our appointment we met some friends at the beach! I love the beach, and was so excited to finally lay out and get some sun! After the beach we had double Thorn shows! They were great and both shows were eventually sold out! What a blessing of those who came!
Robert getting "drippy blood" on him
The Jesus makeup team with both of our "Jesi". Robert and Michael did such a great job in the double shows on Friday!
Mike and I at the beach! I got soooooo sunburn!!! I haven't been this sunburn since highschool! I regret not putting on more suncreeen! I have been in so much pain the last couple of days!! Today(monday) when we went on the boat I wore a tshirt the entire time and lathered the sunscreen all over! (Can you tell I'm pregnant??) You can see a little baby bump there!
I took some 12 weeks belly shots, but I'm 13 weeks now, so I will post both of them together soon! :)
(I don't know why all of this is underlined??)

All of the final Easter eggs that we made!
Mike made one that looks like an eyeball!
Beth, Jack, & Bradford before Easter services! What a cute family & Beth is so cute pregnant with baby Tate! :)
My favorite picture of Mike and I the entire weekend!
Oh! Since the Thorn is over, Mike shaved his beard and I cut his hair this morning! My handsome husband is looking so good! :)
Sunday: busy day of services and I worked the 9, 1030, & noon service in the nursery! (We went to the 430 Saturday night service)
Our services this weekend were sooooo good! One of my bestest friends, April painted during the services with 2 other girls. She is a worship artist and her work is amazing! Here is the painting that she designed and painted in all 7 services live this Easter weekend in the Worship center. April does such an amazing job painting pictures of Jesus, and this particular one Jesus' face is painted out of all of the birds. You need to check it out and all of her other work here! :)

Monday: I was off and so was Mike so we went on the boat with Mike's dad and sister Brittainy who is on her spring break from her worship college! We had such a great time and it was beautiful! :)

Back to work tomorrow.... I hope everyone had a great Easter! :)


Hilary Lane said...

I was smart and used 3 year old sunscreen when we went to the beach on Friday. My chest got so burnt!! And the weird thing is that it ITCHED! It never hurt, it just itched like crazy! It's Tuesday, and it's just now started to calm down a little. It was the strangest thing. But I agree - I haven't been that burnt since I was like 15!

Sabrina said...

Great picture of you and Mike!! I love your earrings.

I can barely see a baby bump but you look super cute. Sorry that you got so sunburnt. That stinks.

Christina said...

Hey friend - Go baby bump! So excited for you! That's quite a hairy man you've got there - ha ha. Its not warm enough here to go to the pool or beach yet - but I would love to get some sun!!! love ya

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