Monday, March 29, 2010

baby gear

I've got my stroller & car seat picked out!!!
It's a hard decision, and how do you know what works, what is safest, and what will fit in your trunk? lol. With all the wise advice I've been soaking in from my "super-mom" sister-in-law I have decided that I will be registering for this stroller and car seat! I will have to give all the credit to Bethany (my SIL) for inspiring me about this stroller. Bethany has this same style different pattern stroller that she has used for Jack, and before I even knew I was pregnant, I always thought how awesome her stroller was! :)
It is the Graco Mosaic Stroller in Lemon Grass.

This stroller is lightweight, practical, easy to maneuver, and folds down really small! It's not a bulky travel system that you think you need because it holds the car seat, but it's small and still fits the car seat perfectly!! Plus, isn't it so cute in this black & green pattern!?!?!

When I asked Mike if he liked it, he said, "Is there a cup holder?" I told him yes, and then he said "that's all that matters!" lol. The cup holder is attached on the side! I will be toting my tervis tumbler in it! :) hehe.

And there is the carseat, I can already see my little sweet baby all cuddled up in there coming home from the hospital! Ahhhhh! I can't wait to meet the little one! :) The car seat is a Graco Snugride 32 Infant Car Seat!
I found the pack-n-play that converts into a bassinet in the same lemon grass pattern that has only been sold in the UK! I was so aggravated that they don't sell it here in the US! I found it on a couple of sites, but every site is sold out, and they don't sell it a babies r us, which is crazy, they have everything! It would go perfect in our room for the baby to sleep in for the first couple of months. I'm praying that for some reason I will find it being sold in the US! I'm just in love with this pattern!

Other items that I've been looking at is cribs & changing tables, I'll keep you updated on what I decide. I really like white furniture, and I know I want a brown rocker, so I know that there will be white & brown in the nursery whether it's a girl or a boy!

Oh, and I have a feeling that I'm having a girl. Mike wants a boy, & I want a girl. I told Mike that even if we have a girl, she could still play basketball with him, but if she has my bball skills, that wouldn't be fun! lol. I would love to have a boy though, Beth is have Tate in a couple of months, and they will only be 4 months apart, they could be best friends! But then again, we need some girls for the Singleton side! Plus, I need to put some hairbows in my child's hair!!! hehe.

Does anyone have any baby gear advice, things that you wouldn't live without for your infant? What do you think it's going to be? Boy or Girl?


Chelsie Denson said...

I love what you picked out! It's so adorable. I think your baby is going to be a girl. I don't know why, but I just think it will be. haha. Thanks for your comment on my page!!

Kickin' Kari said...

I am going to say Boy just for the sake of guessing! LOL BUT knowing how crafty you are I hope you have a girl to dress up and play "house" with. ;)

One thing you can go without I think is a changing table. I found it to be ridiculous to be going in and out of the babies room to change a diaper when we spent most of the time in my bedroom or the living room. We didn't use his nursery till he was 5 months old. I kept a basket with diapers, wipes, powder and cream in the living room OR in the pouches in the pack N play. It was easier to just change him on the bed or couch or floor where ever we were. Definitely do what works for you and your baby though. :)

Sarah Ann said...

I love what Mike said... It sounds like something Billy would say. Thank goodness for men and how easy they are to please :)
I have no idea what you are having... but I'm sure it'll be just precious!!

Heather McDougle said...

I always use the top of the dresser as a changing table. I don't think a separate changing table is needed. I see friends selling theirs because they never use it all the time. I love your pattern! My favorite thing that was ever bought for the nursery is a rocker/glider from JcPenneys. It's so comfortable. Also a small bookcase is good if you love to read and want to have a bunch of books to read to your baby.

Hilary Lane said...

I would definitely consider a bed & changing table set that grows with them. You know, the cribs that become toddler beds and then double beds while the changing tables become desks. My sister has 2 sets of them and they've worked out really well!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

the stroller looks perfect and petite while still having all the necessary's. love it! too bad about the pack 'n play! keep checking, maybe they'll have it eventually. kelly said the same thing about the cupholders! ha! men! definitely get a dresser that works as a changing table... it's so the way to go. we did that for hunter's room. we would've done it for sage, too, but we already had a dresser (too bad it's only like 3 ft. tall) and it's not big enough to work as a changing table. so i bought that other one. anyways... can't wait to hear all of your picks! this stuff is so FUN!

Beth Priest said...

LOVE your stoller and carseat pick! It is great! I think it is a girl!

Bethany said...

You are so cute :) I hope you can find the matching pack n play! That is weird that they don't sell it here.
Oh, and I think it's a GIRL!

Anonymous said...

I have had that same stroller/carseat combo and used it will the girls and now Efraim. Of course they didn't have that cute color/pattern (ours is black & baby blue), but it's worked out well for us. And yes that cup holder is a necesity. =)

Oh and something I am using w/ Efraim that I didn't have w/ the girls is a Moby wrap- I love it!
check it out at

Starla said...

Cute things! You'll definitely want a baby sling. We have them in the Lactation Center at St Francis (your mom gets an employee discount, too!). Our moms love them, go to and check them out!

Charris said...

nice stroller. Wanted to say congrats on your expectation. Do you know what your having? It's always exciting to here of people starting their new families. I have 3 boys, so I love to here about couples having girls! lol!

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