Sunday, March 14, 2010

photo shoot giveaway

Some of you might know my dear friend Alexa Chloe. She is in a contest for a job at the South Carolina Federal Credit Union to be the next Young & Free Spokesperson for 2010! She was voted out of over 20 contestants and she made it to the top three! This is such a big deal! Oh, and isn't she gorgeous? See, Alexa was in a high school small group that I lead when I was in college, so I have had the privilege of watching her grow into this beautiful and talented young girl! Now she is in college, and has started her own photography business, and she is so good!!! :) Alexa is sweet enough to offer a free photo session for 2 hours if you go and vote for her to be the next Young & Free! Go to her blog to enter and she'll give you the link to go vote for her! If I was to win the contest, I would use the session for newborn pictures of our baby! :) What could you use it for?
Here's Alexa in action! She is super talented & I hope she wins the contest to become the next Young & Free spokesperson! :)
Oh! I forgot to mention that the photo session giveaway is only valid to those who live in the Charleston or Columbia area. Sorry you out of town folks! :)
** You do not have to live in state to vote for her though, so go a head and vote ALEXA CHLOE to win out of the top three!

1 comment:

Hilary Lane said...

I'm going to vote for her anyway, but what about us out of town folks who would travel to Charleston?? :-)

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