Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a little hope for the sunshine! :)

We took a three day trip down to Orlando Sunday-Tuesday, and it sure was fun! We attended a conference called the Youth Pastor Summit! It really is a fun thing to go to because the conference is totally free & you get to spend half the day in Island of Adventures & Universal Studios! The entire event is geared towards bringing your students to either Rock the Universe or Atlantafest, two summer events with live bands and teachings. Well, we just went for the free fun with our core youth staff and a few of the core leaders.

Here's a group picture of all of us, minus Maria... she was shopping somewhere else...
Me & Jessica waiting for everyone to get off the new rollercoaster.
{I know I look like a bum, I snagged Mike's jacket to wear for the late afternoon when it got a little chiller. It's a little oversized on me! haha.}
Being pregnant means that I only got to ride a few things... one being the Dr. Seuss carousel.... haha.... it was pretty funny!
Me & Mike in front of Cat & the Hat!
This was in line for the Hulk roller coaster, one of my all time favorite roller coasters, but because I was an expectant mother, I couldn't ride it! That's ok, next year we'll be back! :)
It really was a great trip & was fun to get away. I'm so glad to be back home, I feel like we've been going out of town for this whole month! First with the ski trip, then with Mike going to Russia, and then this trip! I'm ready to just relax at my house and rest for this baby to grow nice and healthy inside of me!

It was a great day when we went to the park because it was 70 degrees in Orlando! I actually got a little sunburn! I had a farmer's tan where my tshirt was on my arm! Pretty funny! This gives me a little hope for our Charleston sunshine weather to return soon.... I'm ready to get out of these jeans and wear skirts & dresses all the time again! Please and Thank you!!!! :)

P.S. I found out this week that I know 4 people that are due within a week of me! One of them has the same due date as me!!! This is going to be one wonderful October! :)


Sarah Ann said...

Oh yay! :) I'm so excited about so many babies coming!!

Kaz and Amy said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love Orlando!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

hey missey... you better be taking good care of yourself! : ) speaking of carousels, you're just preparing for years and years of whats to come. my mom is so excited about you having a babe!!! i told her and she said, "hmmm, i thought she was smiling bigger the other day when i saw her." how cute are you!!

Beth Priest said...

aww I want it to be 70 degrees here!

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