Monday, May 17, 2010

random updates & info.

I'm linking up again this week to miscellany monday over at my friend carissa's blog!
Here's my 5 random things.

1. I have a mild case of the waddle & the line. Let me explain. I have started the "pregnant waddle". Now I know why preggo people waddle. It's just more comfortable to walk that way! Before I know it, I will probably only be able to walk that way because of this belly that is getting big. The line: well, I think I'm getting the linea negra. It's the dark line that shows up on your belly when you're pregnant. I think it's kinda ugly, and Mike says he doesn't see it. When I told him that I'm getting it, he said, "well, what do we have to do?" me: "nothing, it's just not cute!" haha. I guess he thought it was a real problem the way I was being dramatic over it!

2. Remember this post where I showed you this photo about how embarrassed I was that I actually let the {soon to be nursery} room, get like this??? Well, we had our yard sale on Saturday, I made about $100 and now the room is getting cleaner.... {slowly but surely} and it looks like this! I know, there is still a lot more to do, but I'm excited that everything is off the walls, and I can actually walk around in there and see the carpet! hehe. I'm starting to organize all of my art supplies/gift wrap/bow supplies in this room, and I'm getting new matching rubbermaid tubs so everything will be labeled and organized. I'm pretty excited about that! 3. On Friday night we celebrated Allison's birthday! {Allison just moved in the same apartment complex as me, and I can't be more excited!!!!} I went with all of these ladies.... go and see this movie on opening night! It was so cute!
4. I just enetered a giveaway over at SIMPLE, to win this Balboa Baby shopping cart/high chair cover! I love these things! Every time I'm out shopping, I always see moms with these in their shopping cart, and I just get so excited! I told someone the other day that I want a lot of these! {Mike says there is no need for a lot of these, one would do just fine... hehe}. You can enter the giveaway here! 5. Saturday morning, I went to a mom 2 mom consignment sale at 7am {before I did my yard sale at 8am} and picked up this adorable outfit for maggie claire, and this awesome baby bjorn! I love them both, and I love the color pink, so both of these were calling my name when I saw them! The outfit was $5 with the matching hat, dress, and bloomers. The baby bjorn was $30. They are originally $80 in the store.
I also picked up this pottery barn wooden high chair on the right for $15 at the consignment sale. It has an awful black spray paint job going on, so I'm going to repaint it a dark brown, or just redo the black to make it look better!
The final purchase of the day was this beautiful changing table! Isn't it perfect?? It even matches the beadboard that is in the crib that we are getting! I was looking for a dresser to use for a changing table, but this changing table was too perfect to pass up, and my mom wanted to buy it for me! The paint on the top of it was pealing a little bit, so my stepdad said that he would remove the paint on the top and repaint it for me! Someone told us about it who came up to our yard sale because they found it at another yard sale in the neighborhood across from my moms! The lady said "well, we left about 30 minutes ago, and it was still there." She showed me a picture of it from her phone. I went to go find it, and it was still there! I was so excited that no one else had bought it! Loving all of these bargain finds for maggie claire's room.

p.s. tomorrow we go for our big ultrasound and I can't wait to see our precious little girl again on that screen! :)


Heather McDougle said...

I love all the things you bought especially the changing table. It's really cute! I know this is blue but I have it on craigslist and if you want it, it's yours for free:

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

ooh, can't wait to see new pics of little miss! how fun! the deals for the nursery are awesome! the changing table i perfect. i love it. i'm sure your belly line is cute! mike's response was too funny!

Stephanie said...

Nice finds!! Love the Pink carrier!

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