Saturday, May 29, 2010

surprise vacation!

Yes! That's right, Mike and I are going on a cruise in 2 days!

We had been talking about going on a cruise for a while, but we didn't really think that we could because of our busy lives, we couldn't really find a good time. Well, the topic came up on Wednesday night, so we were just looking online to see when some were going on and what the prices were like. Well, Thursday afternoon, Mike sent me a text saying "We're booked for a cruise!" of course I started freaking out because I wasn't expecting it at all, I just thought that we could dream about it! So, 4 days before we need to board the ship, we booked a cruise!

We will be cruising on the Norwegian Sky!
You will most likely find me laying out by one of these pools. AHHHHH! I can't wait!
I was a little nervous about traveling while pregnant, but the cruise line's rules are that you must be no later than in your 24th week of pregnancy! I will be 21 weeks during the entire cruise, so I'm safe!!! :)

I could have never dreamed of going on a babymoon {a vacation before you have your baby}, but I can't be more excited! Tonight, I picked up a cute new bathing suit top {I already bought new bottoms with a tankini top for this summer's work.} I also tried on all my cute summer dresses {the ones that I could still fit in}, and some maternity ones that I've borrowed or picked up lately!

It will be so nice to getaway and relax before little miss maggie claire comes! :)
Do any of you readers have any cruising advice/ tips that will help this gal? I need suggestions on what to wear and things to bring! I've been on one cruise before, it was over 5 years ago... I'm kind of worried that I'll forget something important!


Jessica said...

Just coming off one I was pleasantly surprised. Soak in the sun, eat as much as you want (we enjoyed the dinners.. Ryan got more than one entree some nights bc it was already paid for..yay), and relax! We also found it nice that at dinner some ppl were reallllly dressed up while others just looked nice (even on the formal nights). We were among the less dressed up and it was fine. Also, when we got off the boat we did our own thing instead of paying for an excursion. In the Bahamas we took a public trans bus and then walked over the bridge to atlantis. there, we rented a jet ski and saved a ton of money scoping it out ourselves! Have so much fun!! :)

ohh one more.. ry and i totally got burnt WEARING sunscreen. The caribbean was much more intense than I expected.

Anna Baur said...

yay!!! :) cruises are definitely one of the best vacations ever! I recommend bathing suits and cover-ups for most of the're out by the pool A LOT! But one thing I always wish I had more of is cute dresses or outfits for dinners...some of the dining places are nice, and it's always fun to get dressed up! :)

I hope you have SO MUCH FUN!!

Melissa Baur said...

That is soooo exciting! What a good idea! Go Mike!!!! :) You will have soo much fun. Make sure you have the proper meds just in case you get a little nausea. I don't know how all that works with pregnancy though. And don't forget your CAMERA! (J/K I know you would never forget that!!!!) :)

Hilary Lane said...

Fun!!! Are you cruising out of Charleston? Where are you cruising to?

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