Monday, July 5, 2010

weekend 4th of July fun!

This has been one crazy 4th of July weekend! Mike flew in late Saturday night from Guatemala!!! YAY! It has seemed to be a long week without him here {and my hormonal pregnant-self!}. On Sunday we planned to go out on the boat with his parents and watch some fireworks in the harbor! We had such a great time!
I had never watched fireworks in Charleston from a boat, so that was a fun experience! Here's me just enjoying the show! :)
We were on the boat from about 5:30 to 11pm! It was a long night!
Mike and I enjoying the beautiful view!
We found this hat floating in the harbor that someone had lost, we rescued it, and Mike wore it just about the entire night! It was kinda funny!
So thankful that we live in such a beautiful city!
On Friday, before Mike came home, my sister-in-law and brother invited me go with them to the beach at night with a bunch of her family who is in town from Ohio. It was so fun, and my nephew Jack was so funny about the beach!

Jack loved digging in the sand, while Tate is in the background just chillin in his car seat! :) It was Tate's first time at the beach!
As soon, as we got there, Jack started lifting up his shirt saying "shirt off", he obviously wanted to get in the water, but when he got close to the water and the waves were coming, he would run away from the waves! It was also pretty chilly to get in the water because it was the evening.
Me & Bethany
Sweet little Jack :)
I'm so thankful that Mike is back in town, and we get to hang out and enjoy some time together! We both have Monday off, and Tuesday I have off too because we have an ultrasound and I have to go and take the famous pregnancy glucose test. yippee! {definitely not looking forward to drinking that nasty sugar filled drink!!}

I hope everyone has had a great 4th of July and enjoying this time to celebrate America! :)

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Sarah Ann said...

So glad you had a fun time! :) And I'm so happy for you that Mike is home! I'm sure you missed him! You look so cute pregnant!!!!!!!!!

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