Thursday, July 29, 2010

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So, I should have linked up with carissa's miscellany monday, but it's thursday, so I would be a few days late. It's been a busy week, and I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday!

Yesterday, I got pulled over when I was leaving work... all because of my cracked windshield! I was so scared, I thought it might have been for buckling my seatbelt as I was pulling out of the parking lot at work, but he just gave me a warning and told me that I needed to get it fixed, because it's dangerous! Tomorrow, Mike and I are dropping it off to get it fixed on my lunchbreak! {the crack is about 3 feet long, with a small spider crack below it, from a rock.} So, yes, it is dangerous, especially if I will be driving Maggie Claire around in my car in just a couple months!

On Wednesday, I had about an hour free time in between my doctors appointment and lunch with my friends, so I headed to ross to see what I could find, I dread getting dressed in the morning, because nothing fits like I like it being pregnant! I can't wait to wear my regular shorts again!! As I walked in to head to the maternity section, I saw a dress hanging on the end of a rack that I thought was cute, so I picked it up to try on, hoping that it would look cute. Well, out of everything that I tried on, it fit so cute, and I can't wait to wear it! I will wear it to one of my baby showers! It's a pretty purple and it has an embellished neckline with flowers on it!

I'm totally loving styles like these below that I found from googling embellished necklines! haha...

I love the ruffles on this gray dress! :)
and of course, I love the bow and ruffle combo on this top!
Lately, I've been tired of the same color pink that I paint my toes every summer. It's normally a hot pink, but I have decided to venture out. I went to target {my favorite store on earth} and found this aqua color, and I am sure loving it! :)
It was only like $1.29. I also bought a bright yellow that I might try out for August. Super cute & super bright!
{and now for the baby talk}

This week, Target released a new line of pampers diapers! They are super cute! Well, I haven't actually seen them in person, but from the pictures, they are so cute. I know that most of you have seen the hilarious huggies jean diaper commercial. Everytime I see it, I laugh... "I poo in blue", yes, hysterical. Well, I guess pampers decided to make a designer diaper now. haha. The one in this picture have a ruffle design on the butt! So cute! Can't wait to get my hands on these! :) Has anyone seen these in the store or bought them? I know they come in boys and girls designs.
Here are my belly pictures from the last 3 weeks! I can't believe that on Saturday, I will be 30 weeks!!!! That's so crazy! This summer is flying by, and I'm kind of glad because it is so hot with the heat index being anywhere from 103 to 120 everyday these past few weeks!!!! Seriously, not good for this preggo lady, I've been drinking so much water, that normally by lunchtime, I have drank 4 of my 24 ounce tervis tumbler of water! Which you all know what that means, going to the bathroom, like every 30 minutes!!!

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday along with our preggo mama lunch, and it was a fun day! Maggie Claire's heartbeat was in the 130s, and my belly was measuring right on track! I have gained a total of 23 pounds so far... and I'm sure I will gain at least 10 more pounds these last 10 weeks! {I'm hoping to gain no more than 30 pounds total though} I don't want to blow up too much! ok, so has anyone done a belly cast of when they were pregnant?? The artsy part of me can't wait to do this! I'm going to get some of my friends to help me do this! They have the kits at babies r us for about $20, so this should be fun. I've read online that the best time to do it is around 35-37 weeks! I like the style of this one with the neckline coming to a v. Isn't the design on this one too cute?!?!
Oh! I have some good and exciting news!!!! I just heard from my friend Christina, who we visited over Christmas in Tulsa, OK, and she will be coming to Charleston to visit in October, a week before Maggie Claire is due! Christina hasn't seen me pregnant yet, so if MC hasn't made her arrival by then, she will see me pregnant, if not, she will get to meet Maggie Claire!!! I am just so excited!!!!

Have a great Friday everyone! :) I know I sure will!

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