Thursday, July 8, 2010

orange sherbet for baby girl

Here it is!
I decided to go with a light orange for Maggie Claire's room! I absolutely love it! Here are some pictures of the room so far, I have a lot more things planned for the room, so this is just the beginning! {the paint in the pictures does look darker than in real life.}
I love the crib on this wall, but not sure where I'll put the mirrors and other furniture.
The changing table! My mom ordered the baskets for it, and they were too big by less than 1cm. My mom also got the changing pad off my registry and picked up this cover because it was on clearance. I registered for a few more colors too! My stepdad is going to adjust the shelves so the bins will fit.
When my mom came to paint the room, she brought this lampshade off of my registry along with the bins and changing pad. My mom really is the greatest, did I mention she pretty much painted the entire room by herself?!?! Thanks for helping your preggo daughter out! :)

The most difficult decision I'm having about the rest of her room is what kind of chair to get. All of these gliders and ottomans available is A LOT to choose from, and I'm kind of stuck... I need some suggestions!!!
Her closet is so exciting to me, probably because it's a little project that I can't wait to get finished! I just need some more bins to finishing fill up the shelves to organize her clothes/belongings. I think I might get some solid color ones to go with the floral prints, what do you think??? Maybe a dark fuchsia??
I'm also glad that I'm able to keep a lot of my bow making/craft supplies in the bottom of her closet, along with our printer ready to go and all of our office supplies! Maggie's closet is multi-functional! :)

I still want to make a ribbon chandelier as a mobile for MC, I think it will be a cute added touch to the room, and many more artsy projects I have that I'll be sure to let you know all about! {I still am drooling over the PB pink zebra rug too!}

that's all for now... Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

it's so beautiful! i love the wall color; it's a perfect match for the liberty print! oh and the closet is super cool! maggie claire is going to adore it.

Anna Baur said...

It looks so great, Hilary!! :) I am loving the orange fun and different. And you are the perfect Mom to pull it off! :)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Oh I love the room! That color is just beautiful!

Chelsie Denson said...

Very cute! I'm in love with that lampshade. Great job girly, Maggie Claire will love it!

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