Sunday, July 25, 2010

family celebrations & a 78th birthday!

Yesterday we drove to Conway to celebrate Mama Nell's {my grandmother} 78th birthday! We try to get together once a year besides Christmas, and so this year we threw her a birthday party! My grandma is so awesome, and I just love her. I can't wait until Maggie Claire gets here for them to meet. Maggie will be her first great grand daughter! She already has 3 great grand sons, so this will be the first girl! :)
Here is everyone who came yesterday, this is all of my dad's immediate family(3 brothers and 1 sister) and their spouses, kids, and grandkids. We were only missing 4 people who didn't come yesterday, so that was fun that so many people were able to come!
Mama Nell with her children and their spouses
Here is mama nell and her children.
Uncle Steve, Uncle John, Mama Nell, my dad- Tim, Aunt Martha, and Uncle David!
Here are me and all my cousins! I feel like every year we add more people to the cousin picture. So many of us are getting married, Adam and Nichole got married next year, and maybe soon Jessica and her boyfriend Alex, who everyone just met for the first time yesterday will get hitched soon! Brad and Beth have 2 kids now, I'm about to have MC, and we're trying to influence Adam and Nichole to have a baby soon! :) This picture will definitely be growing!!
Aunt Tammy did such a great job decorating, everything looked so cute and colorful!
I snagged this picture for Bethany while they were about to leave...
My brother, Brad & his wife Beth, with Jack and Tate, and Mama Nell
I should have taken a picture with Mama Nell because we matched, I guess I was too busy chatting to take pictures! :)

Happy 78th birthday Mama Nell!
{she told me as I was leaving that she is going to get a facebook so we can keep in touch more. She said "as soon as I get the internet hooked up at my house." }
I love it, my 78 year old grandma is about to get a facebook. :)


Anna Baur said...

how cute!! :) family is so wonderful!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

yay for facebookin' grannies! : ) you have such a cute family! hope you and mike are having a great week!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

oh, and how sweet of you to give your grandma a great granddaughter!

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