Monday, January 31, 2011

monday! monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1. back to work}
On friday, I went back to work{not full-time} to fill in for someone. I actually enjoyed working, making some money, and seeing all of my co-workers!
I sure did miss my sweet Maggie Claire though! I went home during my lunch break and was able to feed her for one of her feedings, but Mike gave her a bottle for her afternoon feeding. She did great at home w/daddy despite the fact that she is a total momma's girl! Since Mike doesn't work on Fridays, I am able to fill in if they need me while Mags stays home with daddy. :)

{2. milk trays}
My mom found these on the clearance isle at target. They are Sensible Lines milk trays to freeze breast milk by the ounce. You pour them into the trays and they freeze one ounce at a time. I thought they were pretty cool b/c I usually pump more than what Maggie Claire will drink, therefore... they might work for me so I won't waste the milk by freezing it all together! Has anyone else ever used these?

{3. blush}
I am seriously addicted to blush. I wear it everyday, and can never have enough. I get comments all the time saying "oh wow, you have rosy cheeks!" haha. Maybe they are trying to tell me... "you have too much blush on!" oh well! Maybelline's pinch o' pink is my absolute fav. My friend April always tells me "you gotta have your blush." hehe. My other go to makeup necessity is mascara. I have blonde eyelashes, so mascara is a must! :) I don't ever wear eyeliner though. I use to wear ALOT of it in highschool. I just kind of stopped one day though. Does anyone have a favorite eyeliner that they wear that I should try?

{4. valentines brownies}
Ohhh yes... I bought some of these goodies this weekend. I am such a sucker for holiday snacks. The seasonal section at Target gets me buying something everytime! I haven't opened them yet. It comes with 5 brownies in there, I thought that was such an odd number. I guess Mike and I will have to split the last one! haha.

{5. come on summer!}
You heard it... We are ready! Maggie Claire has her sunglasses and we've got our charleston county beach/park pass! This weekend made it to 70 degrees here in Charleston and it was wonderful!!!! I am looking forward to the summer more than I ever have before!!!
Happy Monday everyone! :)


Emily P. said...

ok, have you tried the milk trays yet...I'm 25 weeks with my first baby so I need all the help I can get!

The Gotbeters said...

Very cool! That is a lot of women's concerns is wasting that liquid gold:(

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

that's a good work situation for fridays! glad mc did fine with the bottle. the milk storage thing looks pretty cool. i froze my milk in the usual bags but a lot of then ended up leaking as i defrosted it. bummer! so, hope those work better. kelly always tells me i wear too much blush. so, if you do wear too much, don't worry... you're in good company. ; ) love the pic of you two beauties!

yes, we need a hangout time soon!!! the kids are sick and i'm getting it too (story of our lives right now!) but when we're over it, let's plan something!

StarlaRNC said...

I love MC's picture with her sunglasses on! So very cute.
You will love the MilkTrays, they're awesome. (just don't wash them in the dishwasher, hand wash only). It's an economical way to freeze milk without waste or leaky bags.
We sell them in the Mother's Boutique at St. Francis and our mommies love them. Join our support group, the BIB Mommies, and get a discount on purchases.

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