Thursday, January 27, 2011

totally target

As some of you may know, I am in love with shopping at Target. When I find coupon deals at target, I get pretty excited. Well, this week there was a diaper deal going on. I have so many diaper coupons that I've collected over my entire pregnancy from different places, and I scored big this time! I got these 3 packs of diapers and a pack of huggies wipes all for $13.50! The packs of diapers ended up being about $3.80 each! {I don't have the receipt near me, so this is the estimate} I was able to stack a $3.50, $2.50, $2.50, $2, $.75 off coupons to get the good deal! Lesson- never throw away coupons that aren't expired- I've had so many of these for over 6 months!

Lately my preference of diapers for Maggie Claire is Huggies, especially the pure & natural- I love those! The sale this week at Target was $8.99 for huggies diapers, and if you bought 3 you would get a $5 gift card! I already had target gift card money left over from Christmas, so I ended up not having to pay anything out of pocket, and I got $5 gift card. It was a win-win for me! :)
I snapped a picture of Maggie Claire while we were in line waiting to checkout. Then I compared it to her first shopping trip to target when she would sleep the entire time I would go somewhere!
Here is her at 2 weeks and 3.5 months. Oh, slow down baby girl- you're growing up too fast!!!
Don't you just want to take a bite out of those sweet cheeks?!?!

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

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Courtney & Phil Reynolds said...

I guess I need to go to Target tomorrow for some diaper deals :) Maggie Claire has changed so much- its crazy how fast our girls are growing up!!! ahhhhhhhh

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