Saturday, January 29, 2011

pack-n-play time!

Our dining room has turned into a great place for the pack-n-play to go! We rarely ever use our dining room table- we normally eat on the couch together, so I decided to see if the pack-n-play would fit in there... and viola! It fits perfect! Don't you just love how I color coordinated it too!? hehe.

I ended up turning it the other way, so Maggie Claire could look out the window better, but it works out perfect! I wanted to start training her to like the playpen, so that when she gets mobile, I can put her in there for "playpen time" while I take a shower or do other things around the house w/out her getting into everything!
Maggie Claire is enjoying some tummy time! She is doing SO MUCH better on her tummy, she loves all her toys {especially her light up ball from uncle Ron, Aunt Marla, Ryan & Morgan}!
Happy girl! She was really smiling/giggling for the camera when I was taking these!

In regards to a highchair, I'm thinking about the graco mealtime in little hoot. It's on sale at Target right now I think until february 5th. I like how it reclines, has different height adjustments, it matches our kitchen stuff, the price & I've been pleased with all of the graco stuff I have so far. :) What do you think??


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love her outfit! : )

we have a highchair that reclines and i say go for it. loved it for when they just start out on solids.

she's doing so well on her tummy! what a CUTE girl!

Anonymous said...

graco mealtime has been AWESOME for us!! gosh hilary, she is BEAUTIFUL

Natalie Catherine said...

so cute!! love her cupcake onesie!! our pack n play took over our dining room too when we had sophia haha.

Courtney said...

We have that same highchair in that little hoot print for Hannah and she loves it!

Jessica said...

She is adorable!!

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