Monday, October 5, 2009

Celebrate Jacoby!

Today is Jacoby's 19th birthday!!! wow, we are getting so OLD! I still feel like we are just a bunch of kids. Jacoby is such a fun little brother and I just love him so much. We became really close when I was in high school, and all my friends kept telling me that I had a cool brother, I just saw him as an annoying little middle schooler. Then he started to get cooler and cooler. Now, he's way cooler than me! :) We have had some good memories of driving to school toegther listening to hardcore music and going to shows, we were just so crazy! Jacoby is probably the funniest person I know, and anyone who knows Jacoby can tell you that he has a very FUN personality. I just wanted to write this blog to celebrate Jacoby!
I love you Jacob-baby! :)
This past weekend we had a surprise birthday party for him, and it was pretty fun, especially the part when we couldn't get him to leave the house so that everyone could come over! It was a success though, HE WAS SURPRISED!

Here's a funny video that Jacoby was in this summer when he was interning at Northwood Church. The video was for the summer camp that the youth went to in July. Enjoy!

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♥Kim said...

Ha! That was a cute video!
Happy Birthday Jacob!:)

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