Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike Surratt!

Today is Mike's 23rd Birthday! What a fun day it was! At church this weekend, Mike planned a "birthday bash" fun weekend at nitro {middle school service that he is in charge of} with some fun games and I made cupcakes for all the kids on Sunday (Mike's mom covered Saturday night). I made a total of 77 cupcakes... that was a lot of cupcakes!!!! At one point during the 10:30 service, all the students starting singing happy birthday to him, it was so cute! There was also some cute pictures that we found and scanned in for all the kids to see of when Mike was younger!!!! They were funny{especially the awkward 6th and 7th grade pictures!}

Anyways..... After church we went to Chili's and used a gift card that Mike got for his birthday, and then went and watched some football at Mike's parents house. After watching football, {and I took a nap} we went to the Faith Family Fall Festival at another local church in Ladson, it was pretty fun! Our friend's band was playing and we ran into lots of friends there who we didn't even realize were coming! Brad & Beth came with Jack, Michelle was there with Stone, and we talked with Andrew & Lindsey Page for a while { I got to love on her 5 week old baby Titus, he is so sweet} After Robert and the band played and April was painting, we hung out with them for a while, just some good FUN!

Mike & me today {I know my faced is cropped off, but it's cute of mike}
the uprising band playing today
Mike is now sleeping at 8:30pm, and will probably wake up and not be able to go to sleep! He sure did enjoy his birthday! We are going to celebrate with his family on Tuesday {they were out of town this weekend}, so that will be more celebrating Mike!


Thanks for being an awesome husband, you make me laugh more than anyone in the entire world, and I love you so much! I'm looking forward to all the birthday celebrations we get to spend together in our lifetime!!!!

Happy 23rd Birthday!

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Lindsay said...

your so cute to mention us! I always love seeing your smiling face! Enjoying catching up on your blog during early morning feeding, today! Bless you sweet girl!

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