Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

Before I start.... I just wanted to say, I can't believe that it's already October!!!! {so close to graduation!} I'm not normally very "excited about halloween", but this year, I decided to get excited and add a few little decorations around the house! Last year Uncle Ron and Aunt Marla sent us this wall/door hanger {they said that it was Morgan and Ryan who insisted on sending us this} I was looking for it the other day, and I was so excited to find it and hang it up! I added a cute little {BOO!} ribbon to the top of it too!

My mom and I bought pumpkin soap dispensers with some yummy smelling soap from bath&body works last weekend, and she gave me these cute hand towels! Can you tell we love candycorn decorations?

I went to Target {my fav store ever} the other day and they were having a special if you buy 2 bags of M&Ms, you got a free reusable bag! so I did{I had $1 off coupon too, so I got them for a good deal} Plus, I just had to get some little pumpkin hanging lights for our halloween small group party this coming week at our house! I got the orange bucket & cups at a yard sale 2 weeks ago for $.50 when I went with April & Sarah. They were brand new still in the package too!

I also have these hairbows & headbands for sale that {I know} are absolutely adorable!!

These are pictures of Jack{my nephew} last year at Halloween! He was only 6 months old, {he is growing up so fast!} but these pictures are just so adorable I had to share them again!!!!! I can't wait until this year, Beth has the cutest and coolest costume for him!!!


Hi, Lane said...

I love your Welcome sign!! I was hoping you made it so I could commission you to make one for me, too. :-)

♥Kim said...

These are all cute decor.! You have a way of putting a bow together, too cute. Your nephew is too precious!

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