Sunday, September 27, 2009

twin baby girls, shopping, and friends!

The biggest news of the week is that Jenny had her twin baby girls!!!!!!! They are such sweet little miracles, and what a blessing from God!!!! Sadie and Rylan are such beautiful little ones that are already bringing so much JOY to so many people! :) I went to go visit Jenny in the hospital, but I didn't get any good pics, so I'm posting a pic of Jenny and me from this summer when she was pregnant! The girls were completely healthy and absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Jenny is going to be one of the best moms I know! :) She totally rocks, she even brought the girls to church when they weren't even a week old! Go Jenny for getting out of the house! :)

Today I went to Old Navy and I purchased 14 items of clothing all under $5 a piece! I found some amazing deals, and after taking 3 trips to the fitting rooms, I got some good steals! My total bill was $40! I also had a 15% off your entire purchase coupon, thanks to I love getting coupons off there! You can't beat that! My favorite items that I go were 2 pairs of yoga pants for $2.50 each!!!!! I will definitely be rockin those at school when I want to wear something comfortable, and hopefully they will inspire me to start working out more.... We'll see how that goes! Here is my clothes piles of everything I bought! :)

I had lunch with some friends this week Carissa and Michelle. Here's some pictures of our fun outing at the mall. I told Christina I would post some pics of Stone! He is just getting so big, and he is going to be such a sweet big brother coming up in November!!! Yay! :)

Carissa' little boy Hunter is SUPER CUTE and I love his sweet CHUNKINESS.
Next, we had the Middle School ALL NIGHTER. It was Crazy fun, and yes, I did stay up all night long.... I was so out of it all night long, so I only took about 5 pictures and none of them really turned out good, and were not good enough to blog about, so I just decided to post this cute picture of my and my friend April. Both of our hubbys are in ministry, and I just love her. This was us last week when a bunch of us went to go get sushi after Groundswell on Wednesday night. We're in small group together and it's awesome! :)
Yesterday after I slept all day to make up for staying up all night from the allnighter I went to my friend's wedding from work, Alex and her new husband Scott. It was a fun wedding, the people I work with at Northwood are so crazy fun. I love it! I wore my new favorite dress too! (Purple just seems to be my color this season!). I took this group pic of all the guests that came to the lingerie party. So fun! :)

I have two weddings coming up this month that I am looking forward to: Kyndal & Jonathan, and Sarah & Billy! Lots of birthdays are coming up too, including Mike's!!!!! Lots of fun in OCTOBER!!!! :)


carissa said...

you are one busy gal! we had so much fun having lunch with you!!!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness. I love the pictures of Stone. I miss you guys so much. Stone is so cute and has grown up so much this summer. He has so many teeth. I love it!! Thanks for posting those pictures!!

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