Monday, August 30, 2010

a bunch of miscellany!

1. the perfect weather.... after being pregnant all summer long, I am looking forward to jeans & boots again. Let's bring on the fall weather soon, so I can wear my super cute maternity jeans before MC gets here! Plus, yesterday I bought some new gray suede boots from Ross. If you want to beat everyone from buying all the good boots that you'll want this winter, so now and get yours. I found mine for $14.99. Can't be that! Anyone else with me on wanting some fall weather???

2. Updated 33 weeks and 34 weeks belly pics... check out my new super cute pink flower headband too! :)

3. car seat change. We went to babies r us to take a few things back the other day only to find out that our car seat is not sold in the store anymore! How annoying is that?!?!? So, look at this cute one that is replacing the other one. We added it to our registry! It is the Graco snugride 35 in Logan print. It has a houndstooth print on it! Plus it still matches our stroller with the green and black! So exciting! :)
4. cutesie pootsie. Two of my friends from church couldn't make it to my baby shower last week and later on gave me these two gifts.
Isn't this little night light adorable?!?!?
oh yes, and this is a hand knitted cupcake for maggie claire! I still can't believe that my friend Tiffany actually made this! She is so talented, and I don't even know why she hasn't opened up an etsy shop yet!! Go give her some lovin on her blog and tell her how she needs to start one!
5. we found a snake. Yesterday after church, we were outside admiring the new fish in my in-laws little tiny pond. Well, then this little friend of ours came out. I just couldn't believe it! My husband decided to catch it with the fishing net. I wouldn't come close. As you can see in the picture, me{in the white skirt} and my mother-in-law stayed far away. Yes, we eventually let him go because it was just a garden snake and won't hurt anyone, but I'm afraid my MIL will never go back and try to take care of her plants again.
6. Today I'm having lunch with my dear friend carissa from lowercase letters. She is the one who host miscellany monday! Link up and share what's so miscellany in your life today!!!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Tiffany said...

Oh thanks girl! I'm so glad you liked the cupcake. I just thought it would be so perfect for you and mc! I'm actually working on stuff for my store right now!


Garden snake or not I think I would have DIED!!! AHHHHH!!! Scary! But your gifts are so cute and adorable. You sure are lucky to have such talented friends!! Fall is my favorite season but unfortunately in Texas it comes too late and leaves too early!! We are still in the upper 90's with heat indexes over 100!! Ugh! I wish fall would hurry up!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i had so much fun, too!!! thanks for coming over! okay, the cupcake that tiffany made is so presh and completely perfect for your lil' missy! you are such an adorable mama already. i hope we'll be seeing cool days soon!

DORCAS said...

Congratulations! That cupcake is super cute! That snake is scary. I remember finding 4 outside our house last year. Thanks for sharing your randomness. Coming over for Carissa



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