Thursday, August 12, 2010

bigger and bigger

{my belly that is!}

Can you believe my belly is just getting bigger and bigger! I feel like this week it's getting out of control... I mean, looking at last weeks picture and this weeks picture, my belly has to be growing twice as much! I guess having an estimated 4 pound baby in my belly is what's making it so big! Can you believe that MC is already 4 pounds??? I am just too excited to squeeze those sweet cheeks of hers when she gets here! :)

Today I am 31 weeks and 5 days.... that is just 8 more weeks and 2 days to go!!!!
At my shower last week my mom got me the curtains to go in maggie claire's room! We hung them up on Saturday, and I just love them! I got a double curtain rod to hang the black out curtains behind the floral ones, so the baby can sleep well during the day! They have white ones at walmart and target that I need to get! :)

I still don't have all the furniture in mc's room yet, therefore, I will be doing some rearranging because of the couch that we put in her room & I want to change the placement of the lamp.
Anyways... we have been super busy this week, and I feel like Mike and I haven't really even seen eachother that much! On Monday night we usually have small group, but this week there was a women's event at the church with an amazing woman of God who came to speak from Sydney, Australia. The girls in our small group decided to go to that while the boys went paddleboarding. I got to hear Christine Caine speak this weekend at church and on Monday just to the ladies, and she brought the Word! She has been known for started shelters all over the world for young women who have been trapped in slavery to human trafficking.

She challenged me to stay fully committed to our church and continue to do ministry with youth with an attitude of never serving enough. I feel like no matter what there is always more to be done in this world to help others, for me I feel like helping teens is where I am called, and to have a selfless attitude while doing it! She was such an inspiration to everyone who heard her this weekend, and I am so glad I was able to go to the women's event!
On Tuesday we went with the student ministry leaders to the riverdogs baseball game! I didn't take any pictures, but it was so fun! We got to sit in a VIP box that had air conditioning or you could watch the game from outside too! It was awesome! On Wednesday, I was so tired I couldn't even make it to church. I had a sore throat and cough all day, and today it hasn't gotten any better. Plus being around 20 two year olds all day doesn't help either!

I am so excited tomorrow is Friday! I have my 32 week OB appointment and I am excited to escape from work with Mike for a few hours! On Saturday, I am going to 2 baby showers and I am just too excited! One is for my friend Courtney, who is in our preggo mama group, and the other is for my friend Jessica who was in our parenting class this semester! I love both of those girls and can't wait to celebrate with them for their babies!!!

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Tanya said...

I love her sweet room!! And u look awesome - and like u r days from popping! C u next Tuesday - excited!!

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