Friday, July 15, 2011

summer fun with mags

Summertime is my ultimate favorite season of the year! {minus the 100+ degree weather we are having!} I love everything about the beach, pool, sundresses, getting a tan, popsicles, and slushies! Just trying to stay cool! I just wanted to post some of my favorite pictures that I've taken recently with my phone & a few from my camera!

I love getting Maggie Claire dressed in the morning. Her hairbows normally don't last all day in her hair, so I like taking sweet pictures of her playing in the morning after she gets dressed! ;)
She is definitely my baby girl, lovin' her some banana popsicles!!! We just came in from a walk in the stroller, and the poor girl was all sweaty, so I decided we needed some popsicles! I have a huge package of these banana ones, so I started feeding it to her and she just loved it! Then I was videoing her and she just took it from me and started going to town with it! hilarious!! She was so excited! I uploaded the video on youtube, you can watch it here!
Mags is at the baby food age right now and introducing solid foods is fun, but I sometimes get stuck and don't know what to give her! This normally means she ends up eating puffs or cheerios! Here she is with some little pieces of bread- she liked it, but then I think it was too dry for her, next time I'll do cheese toast! ;)
Last week we were suppose to have a playdate with some friends at their pool, but we left Maggie Claire's carseat in Mike's car that day which means we were left without a carseat to go anywhere! So... we packed up our pool stuff in the stroller and headed to the pool down the street! Here is Mags getting her sunscreen on! ;)
Our apartment pool is always SO DIRTY & packed with people who don't even live here, so we go to another apartment complex's pool across the street where there is NEVER anyone there and it's SO CLEAN!! {Hopefully no one will know that we don't live there!} :) hehe
We had so much fun and no one was even there! awesome- the entire pool to ourselves! :)
Do you like Mags' little hat? hehe- she somehow threw her hat out of the stroller on the way to the pool, and I didn't even notice until we got all the way to the pool, so I had to make-shift a hat out of her onesie. {We found the hat on the way back home by our apartment door}

What a little pool cutie!!!

Another fun summer outdoor activity we like to do is swing on the porch! We are going to have to find somewhere to hang our swing ASAP in our new house because of how much Maggie Claire loves her swing! Do you see her little baby doll that she's holding? She loves all her baby dolls right now, it's the most precious thing ever! :)
Here's our beach pics from last week when we went with a bunch of other ladies and babies for a beach playdate. Maggie Claire had the best time even though it was her naptime- she'll skip her nap anytime to go to the beach! She actually fell asleep the minute I put her in the car before I even had everything packed up! We had the best time!
This is Maggie Claire with her new friend Anson Mae at the beach. They were so cute playing together.
ahhh, I'm soaking up all this sweetness of me and my baby at the beach! ;)
So here's some of my favorite things that me and mags have been doing this summer! What are your favorite things to do in the summer?!?!? I'd love to get some more ideas!

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Amy said...

She's so sweet! I've heard the sprinklers at Wannamaker Park are fun. Though you might want to wait until school starts back so the big kids don't get in the way. :)

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