Monday, July 18, 2011

miscellany monday: moving edition!

It's closing and moving week!!! I drove by our house today and snapped this picture on the way home from a play date this morning with some wonderful ladies! It feels so good to see the SOLD sign! The landscaping needs some lovin' but that will have to come later! hehe

Only 2 more days until closing! It's Wednesday at 11am, so pray for it to go fast and smooth! YAY!
Last week, we went to lowes and picked out paint colors for our house! The cotton candy color will go in Maggie Claire's room, the serendipity will go all throughout downstairs {living room, dining room, and kitchen} and the gray frost will go in our bedroom. The bathrooms and extra bedroom will have to wait, these are on top priority right now!
Our living room is looking more like this, all boxed up, but there is still a lot of packing to go!
Last night Mike and I decided that we are going to give the BIG OLE' tube tv the boot. If you want it, come and get it, it still works! It takes up too much room, and it's pretty heavy. We already planned on buying a flatscreen tv on black friday, so until then, we will be tv-less! It'll be one less thing to bring into the new house. :) We don't have cable, so basically the only thing we use the tv for is to play the wii and watch DVDs. We can watch DVDs on our computers, so we'll just be without the wii for a few months. It'll be weird not having a tv in our new living room, but I guess it'll just be a sitting area until the end of November!
SO thankful for our new home! Now... I better get back to packing!
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carissa said...

We had fun today! Can't wait to see your beautiful house in person. I'll pray the closing goes without a hitch!

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