Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pool girlfriends

Yesterday I met a couple of my girlfriends at the pool. My friend Carissa, has a little girl Sage, who is 4 months older than Maggie Claire. These girls are so funny, because they are both BIG TIME mama's girls! They sat at our feet the entire time and if we got up, they were watching our every move! Of course, I had to snap a few pics!
pool cuties

lunch time!
{carrots, strawberry apple puffs, and a slice of an apple}
I gave her a slice of an apple for the first time. I think she liked it because she thought she was a big girl. She chewed on that thing forever!
leftover carrots on Mags face. hehe.
I am loving all of these summer playdates! Invite us to a playdate and we'll come play & bring snacks! :)

Proverbs 17:17a
"A friend loves at all times"


carissa said...

Aww, melt my heart!!! They're so cute! They must take after their mommas. ; ) We need to dig up an old cross country pic of us and put it next to our girls' pic. Love ya!

julie said...

Such a cute baby girls enjoying the pool.I just love the pictures.
Baby favors

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