Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a visit with the jolly man.

Maggie Claire went to go see santa claus for the first time. She didn't cry or even fuss! She just sat there and held on to his fingers! She was dressed in one of her cutest Christmas outfits, it has adorable ornaments on it!! Oh, she is just so precious!!!
This guy is a nurse at my mom's work and he dresses up every year as santa. They have a "cookies with santa" event where you can bring your family to see santa for free and they print you out a picture!

{All of these pictures were taken with my camera, I haven't scanned in the one that they printed out for us}

Here is all three of the cousin babes. They are just adorable!
Jack{2 1/2} , Maggie Claire{2 months}, Tate {6 months}
Tate couldn't resist MC and wanted to get her. I'm sure it was all of her pretty bows & ruffles!
Jack wasn't so sure of Santa. This was his third year of visiting this santa claus at my mom's work, and he's still not convinced that he's a good guy. hehe. Notice Jack's bull douser on Santa's knee, that is how santa reeled him in! oh, it was so cute!
Notice this santa suit is not your typical santa suit, I think it's an old English santa suit. My mom and I were talking when we left and we decided that we like the regular santa suit better. You know, the pretty Coca-Cola santa suit!

My mother in law said that it looked like Santa came to take pictures in his silky nightgown. haha. that just made me laugh!
Speaking of santa... you have got to watch this video on youtube. It's pretty funny, {warning: it has a few curse words} but it's called grandpa ruins christmas for kids This crazy grandpa goes off about how santa isn't real!

I remember going to see santa when I was little and it's so fun now that I have a child to do fun things like this during Christmas! To us, Santa is just another event or decoration, I don't ever really remember believing in santa. Do you take your kids to go see santa?


Adrienne Kleeman said...

Hey Hilary... CUTE pics!!! Just FYI the guy that plays Santa at the Christmas Made in the South is AWESOME!!! And he wears the more traditional Santa suit.

I believe in Santa till I was like 7.... then I lost a tooth and the "tooth fairy" forgot to leave money.... So... they just went ahead and told me...

With my kiddos we don't do Santa... They know who he is and we have Santa deco and such, we even go get pics with him... but they all know...


Tiffany said...

Holy Cow! He does look like he's wearing a night gown!!! SO funny! MC looks so stinking cute, it kills me! I'm thinking I might have to try talking chris into a getting a girl! (lol it sounds like I'm going to the store and just pick one up! LOL)

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