Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 months old

Maggie Claire you are two months old!
You are absolutely beautiful, and oh so very happy! You smile all the time and we love that about you! We pray that you will always be filled with joy & love from your Savior.

We had your well baby 2 month check up today and you were a star! You got your 1st shots and it was sad for you because you cried, but you calmed down right away when mommy got to hold you! {I think it was harder for me & your daddy than you!} Your 2 month stats:
11 pounds 13 ounces {70%}
23.5 inches long {85%}
We are so proud of you for growing and we love you so much!

You still love to take a bath, but you don't like getting out, last time I gave you a bath, I put your pjs in the dryer for them to warm up so they would be nice and warm when you got our of the bath! You liked that :) You love playing under your playmat with all of the toys hanging down and you love your swing. We are still working on tummy time, you only like it for a few minutes, but you are doing so much better holding your head up!

For your sleeping habits, You still like to sleep in your crib, bassinet, & swing.
A few days ago, you slept through the night completely from 11:30 until 7:15 am! That was super exciting! You usually wake up between 4:30-5:30, so when you did sleep until 7:15, we were very surprised! You can continue to do that for now on, ok? :)

I kinda like it that you are a momma's girl. Probably because we're together pretty much all day long, and I'm the only one that can feed you. I have been able to pump bottles for you when your dad and I go on a date night, but lately, you haven't been interested in a bottle. We're still working on that too, because we need our date nights & for you to take a bottle! :)

This past week I started working back at the church nursery on the weekends. Of course, you are there with me, but not always in the same room that I'm in, so I also need you to take a bottle at church too! It was a little crazy this weekend because we weren't home all day Saturday or all day Sunday, so I was WORN out by the time Monday came around, and I didn't want to do anything!!!! But, we're all about flexibility in this house! :)

It is such a joy being a mommy to Maggie Claire. When I do leave her, I miss her so much, and I think about her all the time. I seriously could just kiss her sweet chubby cheeks all day long. Oh wait, I do. I love this little girl & I feel so privileged to raise her up to honor God. Such a blessing to have her this Christmas. Last Christmas I didn't even have "having a baby" on my radar. Now, it's hard to remember life without her. :)


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

She is so beautiful and you are a wonderful mom! You've adjusted so well to motherhood. MC is a good baby. I know she'll take that bottle again- keep trying! It was so fun to spend time with you two!

Ps. MC's outfit for the Santa visit was too presh!!!

Anna Baur said...

She is seriously the cutest baby ever :) and you almost make me cry when I read your posts about her! I can tell you love her so much and are a great mom!!

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