Monday, November 1, 2010

november first.

hello november!
This is my absolute favorite month of the year, and not only because it's my birthday month, but I am just in love with the weather! Plus we are getting ready for all of the holiday festivities beginning with {my birthday is the day before thanksgiving} Thanksgiving and then coming soon there after... Christmas! I have already been looking at the Christmas decorations at Target and Walmart! hehe. Oh yes, and I remembered that I bought a mini pink Christmas tree last year before I even knew I was pregnant, and I can't wait to put it up in MC's room!

And now for some pictures of maggie claire... don't you just love the jean skirt?!?!
On Friday was Rocktoberfest {fall festival} at our church, and I dressed MC up as a ballerina. My friend Allison gave me this bathing suit with a tutu attached at one of my baby showers for MC, and I put a long sleeve shirt & leggings on underneath it for the festival, and there is her halloween costume! {It's really a 9 month suit, so there is room to grow for next summer} She was the cutest ballerina there...
My nephew Jack was a firefighter, and Tate was a dalmatian! They were so cute together! oh, and Tate... he was just too adorable... every time I would look at him I would just giggle because of how cute he looked in his dalmatian costume!
Me & my little ballerina!
Maggie Claire got to meet her aunt Brittainy this weekend too! It was Brittainy's birthday this weekend, so she came home from school in Florida to see everyone, celebrate her birthday, and meet maggie claire! {Brittainy is Mike's sister}
That's just about all the excitement going on around here! It's kinda crazy being a SAHM because there is so much to be done around the house... the laundry is piling up, there is baby stuff every where, there are dishes that need to be cleaned & put away, but all I have energy to do while MC is napping is sit on the couch in my pjs at 3:30 in the afternoon and blog. Well, at least I did take a shower today! :)

happy Monday everyone!


Paige said...

I am loving her "little black dress!" How precious!

Tiffany said...

Points for showering!!
Being a sahm is tough. There is not enough hrs in the day, or naps for that matter, to get everything done. I still feel like I'm always behind. I've decided, if I have a shower, clean undies, and Holden made it out of his jammies: Its a good productive day!

Christina said...

MC is so cute! Miss you!! love the blog!

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