Wednesday, November 17, 2010

snail mail

Nothing is better than going to the mailbox & finding a package from a best friend! I got a package on Saturday & I was super excited to find all of these goodies inside!
There was a really cute and soft pink blanket w/brown polka dot trim, a package of three onesies w/animals on them, 4 pairs of leggings/pants, a flower headband w/rhinestones, a bag for me to put a few things in when I head out with mc and don't want to tote the entire diaper bag, a decorative wipes case that has a little bling on it, and my favorite: a sign for MC's room that says live life one cupcake at a time! How adorable is that???

This was all from my friend Christina and her two girls Olivia and Ella who live in Tulsa, OK. Oh yes, and I almost forgot about the stuffed mickey. Olivia just turned 3 and she loves loves loves Mickey Mouse, so she knew that maggie claire needed a mickey mouse! How sweet are they, and I can't wait for them to come to visit and meet Maggie Claire! :)

MC enjoying her new blanket with one of her onesies and new pants on!

On another note, Monday Mike and I were cleaning up around the house getting ready for small group and I laid maggie claire on the couch while we were putting things away. {don't worry, we were right there, and she wasn't going to fall or anything} Well, Mike looked over at her and she had flipped the pillow that was laying beside her with her hand on top of her head. It was so funny! She was just waving those crazy hands everywhere and kicking her feet trying to get it off! We moved the pillow back behind her and she did it like 3 more times! She was just having the best time with that pillow! I told Mike that she was trying to throw it at him, but she couldn't quite get it that far! hehe. Sooner or later she will be having pillow fights with him. she's practicing early!

Booginhead. that is the name of the paci holder that I have heard great things about, so I just had to get it for maggie claire. I recieved a few paci holders off my registry, but my friend carissa told me about the booginhead paci holder that both of her kids use, and she says it is wonderful! I got it in the mail yesterday and I have realized that I love love love shopping online! :) I want to do a lot of Christmas shopping online this year. Because I'm just not feeling dragging a baby out and about to go Christmas shopping with all the crazies out there!

Anyone else with me on wanting to shop online for Christmas presents this year?
Happy Wednesday! :)


Tiffany said...

I am totally doing all my shopping on line this year, I was just telling Chris that last night. I am not wanting to drag Holden out at all! Too many people! Too many germs!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

I am so with you with the online shopping this year!! I think I'd be doing it no matter what - even if I didn't have a broken leg - because the thought of dealing with two little ones in the store is just not as enticing as the thought of sitting in my pajamas at my laptop :) You're definitely on to something! Add in Amazon Mom w/ free prime shipping and I think this is going to be my least stressful year of shopping! Your daughter is adorable and I love all of her outfits/hair accessories :)

Jackson said...

Any idea where that blankie from? Im looking for a backup for my daughter...please msg me 5079207663

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