Friday, November 19, 2010

wedding fun

This post is a couple weeks behind, but we took maggie claire to her first wedding, and it was actually her first road trip to Columbia- about 2 hours away. She was an absolute champ & did great! It was a fun wedding with a lot of our friends there.

We were celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Dycus!
{Kristin and Zach}

Me & April {she was a bridesmaid}
Mike & his buddies
{Darrell, Curt, Robert, & Mike}
Family picture- all dressed up
{mc was falling asleep at this point}
hehe :)
Julie and myself
{friend from high school that I was super excited to see}
Me and Angela with our babies
{her little girl Jade just turned one! She is also expecting baby #2}

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