Thursday, August 13, 2009

vacation and summer are over...

A few deer right outside our cabin!

This week I've been on vacation and it has been wonderful! Mike and I went with his parents and sister up to Hickory Knob State Park for a 4 night/5 day vacation. It was so RELAXING! I think two of the days I took 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon, and I haven't been able to do that all summer! We took the boat out on the lake, and it was actually like our private lake because since it was the end of the summer there was NO ONE out on the lake! It was so mice! We actually only saw 2 other boats the whole week we were there! I got up on the wakeboard after trying about 10 times, and I can't believe how sore I was! I'm feeling a little better now! This morning before we left I went along with Mike while he played golf with his dad and sister, I was the photographer, score keeper and cart driver! It was fun!

Well, here's a few pictures of the weekend, I was actually relaxing so much that I didn't even take that many pictures!

On the golf course havin fun!

What a stud Mike is! :)

After the fun vacation is all over, I just can't believe summer is over! Northwood starts school on Monday, which means my schedule changes back to part time, and I start my LAST semester of school the following Monday! I've ordered just about all of my textbooks, and I plan on getting a few more school supplies before I go back on the 24th. I am actually pretty excited about starting school back, because this means I get to have a little bit more free time during the day and in between my classes which also includes lunch dates with my friends that I haven't hung out with hardly all summer!

We stopped by the HoBo consignment shop and I had to get a quick pic by the sign, it was so funny! While we were there at the hobo thrift store, we found a Trivial Pursuit game that was SNL edition, that had never been opened! We got it and can't wait to play with friends!

*Notice my cute new blue purse/bag in the photo above, I got it at Target last week for $5.50! What a great deal it was and I LOVE it! :)


Christina said...

I am really going to miss you stopping by the house on your break. Maybe we can skype during one of your breaks so we can still hang out.
I am so proud of you for finishing college. You stuck with school and it has now paid off! I am so glad you are my friend. Seriously going to miss you!!!

carissa said...

it is never fun when summer is over!!! but, the sooner you start classes the sooner you graduate! yay! so glad you guys had a great vacay.

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