Monday, August 17, 2009

see you soon!

Me and Christina
Ella {4}
Liv {1.5}

These are three of the most amazing ladies I know! Christina, her husband Kevin, and their two daughters packed up and moved to Tulsa the first week of June, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss this family! Christina has been a best friend of mine ever since I met her about 3.5 years ago. It's kind of weird for me because I've never had a best friend of mine move so far away, but thankfully technology is awesome and we will be doing skype video calls to see each other! I miss her two little girls sooooo much! Ella had just turned 1 when I met them {she called me "Ree" for the first 3 years I knew her b/c she couldn't say Hilary}, and of course when Liv was being born I was at the hospital as soon as I found out Christina was there! Christina is not only a good friend to me, but she is also a mentor, and someone who I absolutely look up to and adore!

Christina also helped me during one of the most special times in my life, which was during the season of planning my wedding! Christina was my wedding coordinator for my wedding/reception, and of course she shared all of her marriage advice for me. {Kevin and her are an AMAZING couple to learn from!} Ella was a sweet flower girl in my wedding, and she was absolutely adorable! I'm sad to see them go, but I'm excited for what God is going to do with them in Tulsa {I know it's BIG things}!

I talked to Christina on the phone the other day for a while catching up and she told me that Ella wanted to make some cupcakes and send them in a box in the mail to Charleston for me and all her charleston friends! Now that is just so precious! I did talk to Ella for a minute and I asked her if she has been playing a lot in Tulsa. She got really excited and said "how about you come to Tulsa and play with me!" {so sweet, I could just squeeze her}

Mike and I are hoping to take a trip to Tulsa sometime within the next year to visit Kevin, Christina, and the girls! HOPEFULLY after Christmas, which is after I graduate! {Yay! We'll see}

so until then...

love yall and miss yall from Charleston!

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Christina said...

When you and Mike were getting married I was talking to Sherry and she was saying how grateful they were for you and that you have been like sunshine in their lives. She described you perfectly! That is how I felt ever since I have known you. From the first batch of cookies you brought by my house you have been sunshine. You have such a gift of encouragement to people and you have definitely encouraged me. You brightened up each day you stopped by or we went out to lunch and you make those around you feel important!
I stopped by Sarah's new apartment and she showed me a book you made her when she was leaving of all the Charleston Friends! I almost cried looking at it and I told her that I wanted a copy of all those pictures. I miss you guys more than I can say. Thank you for posting that!!!
And YES we will see you soon!!!!

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