Monday, August 24, 2009

my first and my last

Today is my LAST "first day of school." Mom, please don't cry! After this semester I will be totally done with my college career. I just can't even believe it! I would really like to thank everyone who has influenced, encouraged, mentored, and taught me anytime through my school days, but sadly and joyfully, they will come to an end soon. Thanks for EVERYTHING mom and dad! I put together some of the first day of school photos that I dug out last night for all my readers! I hope you enjoy! :)

My First day of Kindergarten in my desk!
{Northwood Christian School}
{Notice Jacoby standing behind me, how sweet was he when he was 2.5 yrs!}

After my first day of school with my friends
{The bow in my hair didn't last all day!}

My first day of 1st grade with Mrs. K, who still works Northwood!
{Notice my friend Amber's belly shirt, haha, love the style!}

First day of wearing school uniforms!
7th grade
{This is me and Brittany, my best friend throughout middle and high school}

Jacoby{3rd}, Hilary & Britt{7th}, Bradford{10th}

First Day of 8th grade, Jacoby {4th}, Bradford {11th}
First day of my SENIOR YEAR in High school!
Jacoby {8th} and me

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