Monday, May 9, 2011

miscellany monday in may!

I had a fabulous 1st mother's day. I have the cutest, happiest baby around town, so this momma is happy! :) Here is us yesterday: me, Maggie Claire, and my mom! I am so blessed to have a super mom who I love and can hang out with all the time. Maggie Claire loves her too! :) We got my mom a handstamped charm necklace with the grandkids names on it. I got it from the silver sunshine shop on etsy! I love her stuff, I would love to get a necklace for myself now! :)

My adorable friend Brittany graduated from college this weekend, and I was able to make her some sparkle garland for her party! Congrats Birttany! Here's the sparkle garland for my friend brittany sparkle! {Everyone knows her by sparkle b/c she loves glitter like nobodies business!} You can follow her on twitter @sparklespice. I love her!
This is what my house looks like after every weekend. We are in Mount Pleasant{about 20 min from where we live} about 75% of the weekend, which means I am always carrying stuff in and out of the house, and by the time I get home on Sunday afternoon, I just want to put it all down and crash on the couch. so this is what my house looks like every monday morning! haha- and it still looks like this and it's almost 3pm! I better get to cleaning b/c my mom is coming over to watch Maggie Claire tonight, and I need to cook some food to take to small group!
Happy Monday everyone! Link on up with other Miscellany Monday posts!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

More post coming this week on Maggie turning 7 months, paint bake & create relaunching, and MC getting spoiled by her grandparents from California!!! :)


SydneysHome said...

I definitely woke up to a house that looked about like that this morning. I did a quick clean-up because my Monday-night small group ladies think I'm a fantastic housekeeper. =)

carissa said...

you, your mom and mc look presh. love the pic. happy belated 1st mother's day!!! the necklace you got for your mama is gorgeous. my house looks the same everyday! i used to pick-up multiple times/day and then finally just realized i could save myself a lot of time and hassle to just clean-up after the kids' bedtime.

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