Monday, March 7, 2011

miscellany things i'm loving right now...

1. tollhouse cookie dough- I know it's not that good for you, it's not organic, and it's not that trendy made from scratch stuff. but it's goooooood. I like it like that! ha! I'll put 6 precut cookie squares in the oven while we are eating dinner, and then they'll be ready when we finish. yum yum!
2. maggies new swing- my mom(who had foot surgery this week & is doing great) got MC this playstar infant swing and we set it up last week. She absolutely loves it! We put one of her highchair/shopping cart covers in it to give it a little extra padding and she would swing out there all day if we would let her!

3. easter candy... Of all the seasonal candies easter is by far my favorite! I just had to pick up some starburst jelly beans when I went to target today {they were on sale!} Starburst jellybeans are definitely my favorite, this is usually all I ask for in my easter basket every year! :)

My other favorite {they are Mike's favorite too} are the reese's peanut butter eggs. They are so delicious! I picked up a two pack of these at the gas station the other night for me & Mike. I ate mine slowly and savored every bite- Mike just devoured his in probably 2 bites! ha- the differences of me & my hubby!
4. my new haircut! The last time I got a haircut was in August 2009. I blogged about that haircut too- you can see that picture & post here. Seriously- it's been over a year and a half, you could say I was in desperate need. I got it cut off on Friday & I'm loving it! {sorry about the bad webcam quality picture!} The best part is... it's still long enough for a ponytail- that was my only requirement for this summer!

On another note... my baby girl is rolling over!!! Did I mention she is 5 months old today? oh, and she has enough hair for a little hairbow clippy to fit in? {without a headband} ahh.... slow down baby girl!!! Be on the lookout for her 5 month post & pictures later on this week!

Happy Monday! Link on up over at carissa's miscellany monday!
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Diana said...

I'll give that Easter candy a try today,the ones I love are the marshmallow ones, don't know what they are called but they are oh so good.

Aww that's so sweet, your daughter grew some hair:)
My daughter had lots and lots of hair when she was born, so we bought bows like crazy for her when she was a baby.

Sarah Ann said...

Your hair looks so great! And I love the cookie dough, too! Who cares about being organic when it comes to chocolate chip cookies?

Kirby and Anna said...

cute haircut!

PS- I love starburst jellybeans too!

Courtney & Phil Reynolds said...

Cute new hair! I love it!!!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Awesome - now all I want is some raw cookie dough! The kids were trying to get me to buy it @ Publix today and I resisted...I bet I'll be back there in the morning picking some up! I agree - Easter candy is the best! I'm a huge fan of Peeps :) Have a great Sunday (time change and all...)!

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