Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tonight I was texting my best friend since birth {seriously- she was at the hospital when I was born, our parents were good friends & my older brother stayed with them while we were in the hospital}. So technically we're friends since my birth. ha!

Today it hit me. We're getting old, our friends are driving minivans. haha. As I was texting her I was googling different strollers. {yes, that's what motherhood has done to me!} Stephanie moved from Charleston to Florida 5 years ago {I can't believe it's been that long ago!} and ever since then we've really only seen each other when she's been to visit in Charleston for different events, and now that her parents moved to Georgia, she rarely visits... excepts for weddings & baby showers! She surprised me at my baby shower back in Sept... you can read about that here.

She is moving to the big apple next week. {ahem, I might be a little jealous. ok... a lot jealous} Out of our group of friends from highschool/early college years, she is one of the single ones. {She's waiting for Mr. right} She can just move to the big New York City with out taking anyone with her and that's what she is doing. She's always up for an adventure! I'm praying that she finds her hubby there so I can have an excuse to go to NYC for her big snazzy wedding! hehe. I'm super excited for her and I know this is just the beginning for her. I think Stephanie will be perfect to live in the big city! By the way, I don't think Stephanie has any interest in getting married anytime soon, but... until then I can dream about her NYC wedding! hehe. :)

Watch out new york city, Stephanie Amber is coming to you! She's gorgeous, more trendy than I will ever be, has a huge heart for missions, and most importantly loves Jesus . :)

love you steph! :)

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