Tuesday, March 22, 2011

meet sophie

If you haven't heard of the famous sophie the giraffe. I would like to introduce you!
She is a fabulous teething toy that many parents rave about. Maggie Claire got one for Christmas, and i guess you can call it one of her favorite toys! It's easy to take places, it squeaks, and it makes MC smile every time when I take it out and squeak it at her. Well, the other day she was going to town chewing on it, so I took a video of it.

{There was a lot of people around, so just ignore all the talking in the background}



Mrs. Mama said...

sweet video! i think you just convinced me to buy one.... i can't believe i don't have one already!

Anna Baur said...

So precious!

stephanie said...

chloe LOVES this video

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