Saturday, June 5, 2010

vacation part 2

After waiting at a tire store for 3 hours and realizing that we were not going to make it on the cruise ship we decided to take a little trip to Atlanta. Our first stop was at one of our favorite restaurants, fuddruckers. Yes, I think it's one of our favorites because we don't have one in Charleston. So, when we travel we always try to eat at one. We've been to one in San Deigo, Tulsa, Charlotte, Hilton Head, Tennessee, and now Atlanta. I've probably missed a few places, but that's all I can think of right now. oh yes, and that is my cute new "cruise outfit" that my mother-in-law got me the day before we were leaving!
One of the best parts of this vacation was that our hotel had free otis spunkmeyer cookies all the time in the lobby and there was a quiktrip right infront of the hotel that we would walk to at night to get slushies and drinks! If you don't know..... I love quiktrip.... I'm just waiting to get one on Charleston one day! :)

Day 2: we went to the original The Varsity in Atlanta for lunch. They all yell "What'll ya have?" When you walk in to order. It's really a fun place to eat! {I put on my varsity hat for the picture, I don't know why Mike didn't have his on!}
{My cute new pink maternity shirt is from Target, my mom got it for me last week!}
Our next stop was the World of Coca-Cola!
Of course, they did have a lot of cool coke bottles.
cool artifacts...

that "barefoot boy" painting was the most expensive artifact in the entire museum.
I loved this central room, all the pretty colors on the wall!
This is the pharmacist, who invented the coke syrup. He was of course all over the museum.
This was the American Idol coke couch from season 5, I think, I don't really remember exactly what season the sign said. Anyways, that was pretty cool!
My favorite part was the test room. There were so many coke products from around the world that you would test, and of course, even the classics, such as my favorite cherry coke. Yes, I love cherry coke, it's my favorite! {I've been having to keep check on my caffeine intake, so I try to stay away from sonic happy hour more than twice a week!} I did enjoy the watermelon fanta, they sell it in another country. That was some good stuff!
After we left the world of coke, there was just enough time for some afternoon layout time by the pool before we went to our final stop for the evening...
Braves Game!
Now, just for starters, I am the Braves fan, I grew up going to Braves games when I was little, and that is my family's team! I also love going to baseball games. Mike is the Cardinals and Astros fan, and of course, I am fans of those teams too because Mike is! Although, Mike doesn't seem to be a big Braves fan for me, and he refuses to do the tomahawk chop at the game. Maybe one day that'll change!

There was a rain delay when we got there {It had stopped raining by the time we got to our seats} and we had to wait an hour for the game to start, but it was so fun though!
Go Braves!
Of course the Braves won, even though we didn't stay the entire game. We left at 11 and it was only the 7th inning!
But of course I wanted to stay until the 7th inning stretch so we could do take me out to the ballgame! Go Braves!
I had my cute new dress on that my mom got, but I never got a full length picture of me in it! I'm sure I'll wear it another time too! well, the next day we made our way back home after a fun stop at Ikea. It was a vacation gone bad, but we turned it into something good! :)

It was kinda funny because on our way to Atlanta when I should have been sobbing my eyes out because we didn't make it on our cruise, I was actually laughing so hard at all of the different people we ran into that I was about to pee my pants. Mike and I really had a great time! :)


Kimberly said...

oh I am glad you had a good time even though you missed the cruise! all your outfits are so cute! thanks for sharing!

Heather McDougle said...

I am so glad yall had fun even with the big disappointment! My favorite team is the Braves too! I grew up in Richmond when the Richmond Braves (AAA team) was still there and had the season tickets for many many years. I love baseball!

They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

OH Atlanta is so much fun! Frank and I went there for our 1 year anniversary... and the coke museum is awesome! have fun and see you soon!!

Melissa Baur said...

I'm so glad it all turned out for the good! And to add to the silver lining, now you have a crazy story to tell Maggie when she is older one day! She was there too!!! :)

cait said...

wow...what a great attitude you have! That's so great you all were still able to enjoy your time on a mini-vacation! Stopping in from Sarah Ann's blog. :)

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