Monday, June 21, 2010

fun filled weekend & cute yummy treats!

This week has been kinda crazy, but filled with a lot of good things! It was my first full week in my new posotion at the school, I am in the preschool area in the 2 year old classroom. My boss was concerned for be being outside so much with the bigger kids while pregnant this summer, so she moved me inside to the preschool, which is still an adjustment for me! It's been great though! I work with three other ladies, and they are too sweet and fun to be around, and I think this summer will just fly by! {I can't believe that we are already to the end of June!}

On Friday, Mike and I bought a new bookshelf for our living room to hold all of our books & scrapbooks that were all on the shelves in Maggie's room. Her room is finally junk free!

Here's our new bookshelf, and it's so full, it's crazy how many books we have!
We also put together her crib & we got the crib bedding in the mail that my Papa Joy & Mema Pat got for us! I absolutely love it! It's very bright and colorful!

Here's the crib and changing table! {the lighting is awful in the room right now, but they are both white}. Of course, I'll be rearranging the furniture in there, but for right now, this is what the room looks like. I'm still deciding on a color to paint the walls. I'm thinking pink of course, but I also would love an orange sherbert color... What do you guys think??
This is the desk & shelves that are becoming her closet. We hung up a rod to hang all her clothes. I'm planning on getting matching baskets to go on the shelves to put a lot of her things in. Right now, it obviously just has some random things on the shelves that I was getting out of the way, and the books stacked on the side are all for sale on Instead of throwing it all away, I was hoping to sell some of the books that we don't need anymore! {Already sold three of them!}
When we were in Atlanta, I picked up this double mirror set from IKEA. It was only $14.99 and they are great mirrors!! How cute are they?!?! I think having mirrors in children's rooms are a necessity, little miss Maggie Claire, will need to see how beautiful God created her!!!Over at Bakerella, in honor of Toy Story 3 coming out this weekend, she made these adorable Mr. Potato Head & Hamm cake pops! I think they are so cute! If you haven't heard of Bakerella, you need to check out her yummy treats. I would love to try and make these, but I feel like I would screw them up! I might give it a try one day!
Mike and I went & saw Toy Story 3 on Saturday after church, and oh yes, it was great! I love all of the toy story movies, and they are by far my #1 choice of pixar movies!
Today, I had to call into work, I really hate doing that, but I am feeling pretty awful. I have felt really good this entire pregnancy, and this weekend I woke up with a gunky sore throat, and some sort of stomach bug that doesn't feel good. Today, I will be resting & hopefully feeling better by tonight. I really don't want to miss our small group! :)

Happy Monday everyone!


Tiffany said...

Diffidently orange sherbet!I would make the pink, teal and yellow in her bedding pop! Which is really cute btw!

Sarah Ann said...

feel better!! Are you working with Chelsie? That would be great :) And I think you should paint the room any color you like! The orange would definitely go well!

Anna Baur said...

I love the crib and changing table! My vote is for orange's one of my most favorite colors! :) But pink is always good for little girls..and especially for YOUR little girl!

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