Monday, June 11, 2012

NYC part 2

I'm still thinking about all the fun we had in NYC, and I wanted to share some more pics of our trip!

One of the subway entrances in the city. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was NBC studios. A lady gave us free tickets to the NBC studio tour, which was a big plus for us, because we were in line to buy them when she gave them to us! My fav show of all time is Friday Night Lights. I love Coach Taylor and his wife Tammy, and who couldn't love Tim Riggins?!?!? They had a whole section of FNL swag in the NBC store, so funny! I didn't buy anything, but I did take a picture of some of the stuff! 

The week we were there, Will Ferrell was hosting SNL, and people lined up 3 days in advanced just for standby tickets, it was crazy seeing people camp out for it! Who knows if they even got in! We did get standby tickets for Jummy Fallon, but they didn't take any standby tickets the day we got them.

We did get to see Jermaine, the winner of the voice!!! He was walking to fast, so when he walked past us, all I got was this picture of the side of him! We went to China town, I wanted to do a little shopping, I bought a watch locket necklace and a cute knock off purse! :)

One of the coolest things that we saw was the 911 memorial, and the new freedom tower #1 and tower #2. The memorial was so cool, everyone should have a chance to see it. It put into reality somewhat what it was like that day, even though, I really can't even imagine what it was like. Seeing all the names of the people who were lost in the tragedy, it really was heartbreaking, and makes me so thankful for my family. 

We went on a little harbor cruise boat ride all through the Hudson river (right where the plane landed in the Hudson) and we rode by the statue of liberty on Ellis Island. We would have gone to the island, but the statue of liberty is under construction, so we decided not to. I love the statue of liberty!!!
I loved all of the bridges! I don't know which bridge this one is, but they were all beautiful! We wanted to walk the brooklyn bridge, but we never got a chance to.
Here is a view of the new towers being built. The tallest one on the left is the freedom tower. Beautiful!
Here is Mike and I in central park. This was the bridge that is in a lot of movies. Central park was beautiful, and such a peaceful place. We walked around a little bit, but then we just sat on a bench there for a little while. We got tired of walking so much! It is such a different lifestyle!

These next couple of pictures were from the top of the rock, and that is central park! I never realized how big central park was! 

These flags are outside the NBC studios, the ones you see on the today show! When we toured the studios, we actually got to go in studio 1A where they film the today show! Studio 1A is the only studio that has a window in it that they film from. All the other windows you see on the other shows are all fake. :) I was the only one on our tour that new the studio number. I told them I watch too much Kathy Lee and Hoda! lol
Thank you Stephanie for showing us around the city! We had a great time!!

It sure was a great seeing this sweet girl greet me with a flower!!! 
You can't go to NYC without buying matching family tshirts. Mike got a grey one! 
I love this sweet girl, she is growing up so fast! 

"But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear him.
His salvation extends to the children’s children"
Psalm 103:17

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Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Fun trip to NYC!!! We want to visit there someday! My hubs and I actually just got done watching the entire Friday Night Lights series on Netflix and I seriously cried when it was over...I loved it so much and like you said, Coach & Mrs. Taylor and especially some Tim Riggins!!!!

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