Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome to New York City!

I am so excited about writing this post about our trip to New York City last week!!! We had the best time, and we could have stayed for another week and been busy the whole time! This was our first time in the city for Mike and I. When we first got there, we were in traffic{of course for about 45 minutes}, and headed straight to times square! Our hotel was right in Manhattan, so only about 10 blocks from Times Square. It was amazing, I loved the busyness of it, and especially all big screens everywhere. We walked EVERYWHERE, which made us exhausted, so a couple of days we came back to our hotel and napped in the afternoon! Here is me in times square the first time walking through it! 

I apologize for all the photos, I just have to take a lot of pictures for me to remember everything I saw! ;) 
Seriously, there is a starbucks on every corner. In Charleston, where we live there are about 7 starbucks total. And none of them are conveniently close to my house. We enjoyed quite a few stops there. :) 
Mike and I at "Top of the Rock" Rockefeller center- what a beautiful view! 

My "bestie from birth" Stephanie, lives in NYC, and it was so fun meeting up with her a few days!!! We had a lot of fun seeing her, and she showed us all around NYC. This is us in SOHO, and we went to little Italy that night and ate at Lombardi's! yummy New York Pizza! 

Times Square: my favorite place! I love all the stores there, and it was so fun just to people watch! They have bleachers set up in times square for that purpose, and we just sat for a while just watching everything. Oh, and I haven't mentioned about the 4 story forever 21!!! It was amazing! Mike and I both got something, and it was so fun to shop underground, because all the stores go down, definitely interesting! 

This next picture was from top of the empire state building, you can see how bright times square is at night! unbelievable!!!

One of the coolest things that we did while in NY was seeing spiderman on broadway! We we went the tickets booth in times square the morning of the shows, and they give them to you for 30, 40, or 50% off. The spiderman tickets were 40% off, so we did good! The show was amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone! {I'm a huge Peter Parker fan}. I wanted to take pictures during the show, but of course, it wasn't allowed, and I tried to sneak one and Mike said, "Don't even think about it!" haha. 
Later that night we met up with Stephanie and went to the FAO Schwartz toy store and played the big piano. Then we hit up this amazing place called Dylan's Candy bar, and had milkshakes. They were so good, and the place was so fun! If I had a candy store, it would totally look like that. They had these giant  cupcakes you could sit in!! 

Waiting for the subway with Stephanie! I liked riding the subway in NYC, but I was so confused with all the tracks & the letters! Good thing, I was with Mike because he had the app on his phone of all the train maps! 

Part two of our trip coming soon!!! 

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Hilary Lane said...

Don't you love that place??!! My mom, sister and I started going every summer for a 4 day weekend and just found out that this year we won't be able to go. I am SUPER sad - there's just something about that place! I tried to take Josh there in February for a long flight layover, but we ended up driving. I was so bummed!!

And as for Spiderman, I have an interesting story for you, but it's definitely not something to type in your blog comment!

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